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Time to Put Your Carbon Footprint Down (by 10%)!

     After a long period of carelessness the time has come for everyone to take responsibility for individual carbon emissions as well as their carbon footprint. Businesses have devised plans to do their part and public relations campaigns have been launched to communicate a strong desire for environmental stewardship from each and every person.
The reduction of your individual carbon footprint can go far to help the health of the planet. One citizen of the United Kingdom alone has a carbon footprint of ten tonnes. Steps such as the home growing of food can help to reduce a person's footprint (home-grown food reduces the need for transportation of goods, one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions). Another step to reduce a carbon footprint is to offset it. One way to do this is by renting a Christmas tree. A rented Christmas tree will ensure that the one tonne of carbon a tree takes in during the course of its life is preserved. Renting a Christmas tree instead of buying a cut tree will offset your carbon foot print by ten percent annually.
Originally popularized by Prince Albert during the reign of Queen Victoria, the tradition of having a Christmas tree is deeply rooted with nearly every person who celebrates Christmas in the United Kingdom. Renting a Christmas tree (that is later replanted) offsets carbon immensely. Every year the United Kingdom loses eight million trees to Christmas. If all eight million trees could be rented as Christmas trees instead of bought, that would be eight million tonnes of offset carbon.
A new concept, renting Christmas trees is popular with several companies. The process involves a Christmas tree that is rented, pot grown, enjoyed for Christmas, collected at the end of the holiday season, and planted in various forests in the United Kingdom. The collection and delivery of the rented Christmas trees is done in a manner that twenty trees are carried at one time. This is yet another way to reduce transportation emissions (by nineteen vehicles not being on the road).
Rented Christmas trees not only give you the peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part to offset your carbon footprint. Because these Christmas trees are cared for through pruning they are a better shape and because they are pot grown and remain fresh the chance of the Christmas tree dropping needles is lower causing less clean-up for you when Christmas has past.
After your rented Christmas tree has been collected it is relocated to an area with fellow rented Christmas trees and planted to create woodlands for those who appreciate nature as well as animals. One interesting trend is to create gardens within the Christmas tree woodlands and to educate visitors about necessary plants upon which everyone relies as well as to entertain visitors with fruit and vegetable baskets, thus making a further dent in the overall carbon footprint.
While the task of offsetting your carbon footprint may seem large, doing your part is not as difficult as it may appear. Simple things such as growing fruits and vegetables at home, cutting down on the use of your car, and renting a Christmas tree go far in tackling the problem that is the carbon footprint.

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