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Todays Energy and Environment !!!

     Every now and then it just seems like we are taking our hard earned cash and flushing it down the toilet as we look at the high price of living. With the economy tanking like it has been for quite a while now, we wind up paying a whole lot more for mere important necessities than we ever have before. I will not enter into the politics of that subject matter because it is what it is. But, having said that, there is more than one way to skin a cat! In order for us to carry on, save money and keep our families from falling to the bottom of the barrel, great numbers of people are cutting back on their expenditures in an attempt just to get by.

We are quickly learning how not to go overboard with our expenses by altering our lifestyle and going without, and by cutting corners in all places we can. This has develop into an everyday essential just to keep pace with strain and responsibilities of our households and attempting to keep up with the excessive cost of living. Economic vs. Ecological Survival The world over these days, we realize that consumers and regular working class folks are paying a steep price to live and survive, especially now in the year 2009. I mean, we even have to shell out for drinking water! I understand this has been around for a while already, but where did that come from anyhow? Next it will be the air!

It is just plain difficult to imagine that we are really in such a messed up state of being as we are. This is especially real when it comes to the theme of paying for energy. When you look at the technologies and the choices that we now have available as electricity and gas alternatives, it is uncertain why additional people are not taking advantage of what is presently free. Not only can it send the costs way down, but in the process we also have the power to burn way cleaner and greener energy than our high priced alternatives! At the end of the day, we will be helping to save the planet in the process of converting! As far as the energy crisis is concerned, saving money on electricity and on our fuel bills must be our number one priority! At the same time, this is in utter alignment with saving the planet, and we have the duty to get in on the act. Is there a more sensible remedy? If there is, I have not heard of it! Wake Up! We Have the Technology! The answer is certainly not going backward to the practice of burning candles and lanterns to substitute our electricity, or turning everything off and getting around on horse and buggy! While that would be one technique to endure the high cost of living in today's society, it is definitely not a very reasonable one and is similar to sticking your head in the sand.

These days, we need electricity and the solution is not in cutting back, the solution lies in alternative energies, and there is definitely no way around it! The excellent news is we now have the expertise and the wherewithal to supplement and eventually replace existing energy sources. Not only that but we in fact have the ability to generate our own electricity and at prices that now make it not only economically possible, but advantageous to do so as well. Individuals can now change to new energy sources on an individual basis instead of waiting around for the Government to provide a nationwide remedy.

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