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What To Know: Grackle Control

     Birds can be very entertaining and interesting creatures. However, there are some that are annoying and can quickly become a nuisance. One type of bird that definitely fits the annoyance and nuisance category is the Grackle. These particular animals are famous for being in large groups and quickly infesting an area. Therefore, learning what to know about Grackle control can be useful.

Grackles can be distinguished from other birds because of their iridescent markings, size, the shape of their tails and most importantly their yellow eyes. These birds can easily be mistaken for crows or cowbirds because of their apparent black color however the biggest distinguishing feature is their round yellow eyes.

These birds are famous for congregating in large colonies which make them even more menacing. The colonies can range anywhere from 20 pairs to 100 pairs; that is a whole lot of animals in one area. These animals can produce a lot of dung and eat a lot which can cause problems in the area where they reside in.

This particular breed mainly lives on the east coast, east of the Rocky Mountains but can be found in the northern portion of Canada and as far as British Columbia. They are known to build nest in dense areas of marsh grass but prefer conifer trees that are located near clear areas and close to water. This makes farms and suburbs prime locations for these birds to overtake.

The Grackle can be a scavenger just like crows and cowbirds when they are unable to find small animals or vegetation to eat. One of their favorite types of vegetables is corn, which can really be difficult for farms or anyone growing crops. They also like small fish and have been found wading in water to catch them.

When people think about pest they usually think about extermination, which is fine for insects and other bugs but when the pests are an actual animal, extermination is not a very good option. Since birds fall into the animal category you would probably agree something more humane is a better option than killing. We do not want to cause these birds to become extinct; we just do not want to be in the midst of an infestation of them.

There are professionals that specialize in the relocation and diversion of pesky animals and they do it naturally and humanly. When relocation or diversion is used as a means of ridding your infestation the individual or business must be knowledgeable about these creatures, their habits, patterns, likes and dislikes. This is the only way the deviation of these pests can be successful. Anyone with the desire to try and rid themselves of this pest themselves can research and try to create a diversion in order to reroute the birds.

Most people enjoy birds and their beautiful songs and majestic beauty but not many people enjoy an infestation of anything. When dealing with Grackle control, one must remember this is a living breathing animal that could easily become extinct if exterminated. Therefore, removal must be humane.

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