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Who Needs Dental Veneers?

     Originally, crowns were the only option available for correcting dental imperfections. Fortunately, we currently have a wide variety of options that include: crowns, cosmetic contouring, orthodontics and veneers.

If you want to have a better-looking set of teeth or to protect your teeth from damage, a veneer will offer the best solution. This involves a thin layer of resin composite or dental porcelain placed over your teeth. Porcelain veneers offer better stain resistance and light reflecting properties, compared to resin veneers. However, resin veneers have the advantage of being thinner and requiring removal of less tooth surface.

Who Needs A veneer?

Although application of a veneer may be cosmetic in nature, there are various other instances that require its application. These include:

(i) Fractured or discolored teeth can be restored using a veneer on one or multiple teeth. Teeth usually get discolored due to root canal treatment, staining from tetracycline and other drugs, large resin fillings, excessive fluoride or a range of other causes. Veneer treatment helps to restore a uniform color on your teeth, especially for yellow teeth that cannot whiten by any other treatment method. This option also offers you the opportunity to pick out a particular shade of white that you desire. You can either choose a natural looking off-white color or the whitest possible shade.

(ii) People who have small teeth may require application of veneers. It may not be possible for orthodontists to close up the spaces between such teeth, which would also typically exhibit gum recession in between the teeth.

(iii) People who have teeth with worn out edges would benefit from veneer application. Such wearing out gives the teeth a premature aged look. Veneers serve to lengthen the shortened teeth.

(iv) Veneer application would be necessary for people with mal-positioned teeth. Such teeth tend to appear crooked, but veneer treatment would restore a regular and uniform appearance.

(v) Aging patients would also benefit from veneers, which helps restore their worn dentition.

(vi) Some people may desire tooth reshaping for cosmetic purposes. Using dental veneers, perfectly normal and healthy teeth may be altered in shape and appearance, simply for cosmetic purposes. In this case, you may want to lengthen your front teeth, give your teeth a stronger curved look, make them flatter or even increase the size of your canines.

Veneers shouldn't be overused in minor cosmetic problems. A 2011 report published in the Faculty Dental Journal (FDJ) highlights some of the harmful effects of unnecessary veneer applications, which includes dead teeth. This is because tooth preparations for ceramic and porcelain veneers involve removal of 3% - 30% of the tooth structure. This is not an issue in restorative dentistry, but has various drawbacks when applied to mainly sound teeth.

Even if you do get a veneer treatment, you must observe good oral hygiene practices to preserve the health of your teeth. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends the following practices to ensure good health of your teeth:

- consult a registered and qualified dentist for cosmetic procedures
- brush your teeth twice a day
- drink fluoridated water
- don't smoke
- eat a balanced diet
- floss and rinse daily
- go for regular dental checkups
- beware of false and unrealistic quick fixes and seek advice from your dentist concerning any queries you may have

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