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Why Metal Bottles Can Help You With Taking Care of Your Health and the Environment

     There are two aspects of health in our lives: our own health and the health of our environment, which affects our personal well-being indirectly. Usually we focus on keeping ourselves healthy, and by that we forget that we also need to focus on keeping healthy the environment. Balancing the two is not an easy feat. However there is a way to do it: by using metal bottled water instead of your typical plastic bottles, and this is why.

We all use plastic bottles when we need to go someplace and want to have water with us. Now plastic bottles take a long time to disintegrate once thrown away, sometimes a couple of hundred years even, which means they are quite a load on our mother earth. Also each person spends over $1000 annually on bottled water. Yes, that's right, over thousand of dollars per person. Money that could be saved if you only had a metal bottle to carry your water in. You buy the bottle only once and you can use it over and over again on your outdoor trips.

Regarding personal health, we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to stay hydrated and healthy. This means you have to drink evenly throughout the day, so carrying bottled water with you is simply common sense.

Some people are mountain climbers, hikers, bikers, or love going to the gym. Others simply take their bottles with them while taking their kids on a stroll in the park for a few hours. No matter what, each of us needs to drink plenty of water every day.

So if you can switch from using plastic bottles to using metal bottles, you will not only help keep the environment safe from all that plastic deposit, but you will keep yourself healthy and as an added bonus, you will keep you wallet full by saving money in the process. I'd say that's shooting three birds in one go.

You can find many of these metal or stainless steel water bottles at various online stores such as Amazon, and they're quite cheap, really.

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If you do happen to use plastic bottles, then make sure you get the best water filters which are perfect for your bottled. Read more at the reverse osmosis system for water website.

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