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Why We Can't Manage without Environmental Research

     We know about global warming. We know about climate change. But often, we tend to view these as quite abstract concepts that don't affect us yet. Those people who are professionals in environmental research know that this is not something that has crept up on us. These changes have been happening for years, and they are becoming critical if our current lifestyle and even the continuation of the human race is to remain unthreatened. However, professional environmental consultants also know that with effective environmental research, we can do something practical about the destruction of our natural environment, while developing our societies in harmony with that environment.

All too often, people close their ears to information about the natural resources we are losing because they see it as an inevitable part of our modern lifestyle. Many believe that unless we want to miss out on opportunities and things we wish to do, we have to sacrifice nature. That is not the case, and it is why you need to be aware of a professional environmental consulting company who can help you find a compromise between the needs of nature, the demands of modern life and economic necessities.

Wetland management is just one such discipline in the South Florida area and in North Carolina and Palm Beach County. Wetlands are essential to many other ecosystems and their management requires expert knowledge of aquatic and terrestrial biota sampling and surveys of endangered species. Once these are done, by the professionals, one can implement projects with certainty, knowing that they can be tackled with respect to the natural environment.

Wetlands, whether restored or created specifically for the intention of conservation of endangered species, need good management if they are to thrive. CZR has performed several such projects through South Florida, North Carolina and Palm Beach County. They all require permits to be given from federal, state or local agencies before the projects can even start. Ongoing compliance with the permits is essential to maintain the project's legality and protect its funding. Monitoring of such environmental projects has to be done by expert and the right environmental consulting company can take care of this for you. CZR will ensure that you maintain a functional project and meet all environmental permit conditions.

Other important environmental projects necessitate a multi-disciplinary approach to apply scientific research to planning and management in a variety of areas. This is important to ensure that the project is planned and implemented in the most effective way. Professional environmental consulting companies work in both the public and private sectors to find ways to protect the environment while also being mindful of the need for economic and social development.

Environmental management typically involves photographic logs, statistical and quantitative vegetation and hydrologic success records. It also requires measures to be put into place to protect native species and to restrict invasion by exotic species as well as monitoring of wildlife in order to measure the efficacy of the environmental projects. It also has to bear in mind the social and economic impact, so that people and business can live in harmony alongside nature. It isn't always an easy equation, but environmental consultants like CZR Incorporated help to balance it.

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CZR Incorporated is an experienced team of specialists ready to provide a variety of environmental services, like environmental consulting, Aquatic and terrestrial biota sampling, Environmental Impact Statements/Environmental Assessments, Environmental research and management studies , Environmental permitting and more. Our offices are located in Jupiter, Florida and Wilmington, North Carolina.For more information, visit

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