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  • Fiber Optic Pools Lend Curb Appeal to Homes
    Fiber optic pools lighting can make any home stand out with luxury aesthetic. A pool lit with optical cable is a sure way to boost curb appeal.
  • Fiber Optic Floor
    A fiber optic floor emits light by means of optical cables embedded in the flooring material itself. Patios, decks, and outdoor room interiors can be illuminated with any number of special effects using this technology.
  • Building a Landscape Berm
    Landscaping berms are made from earth and are used for planting any number of softscapes, including small trees. Many different aesthetics can be achieved through the use of berm landscaping, particularly in Houston, where these earthworks add dramatic vertical impact to an otherwise flat landscape.
  • Increase Your Curb Appeal with Fiber Optic Pool Lighting
    Lighting a pool with fiber optic lights will give it a luxury appearance. Many of the most famous resorts light their pools with these sophisticated light systems. Adding such a pool to your home is bound to increase its curb appeal.
  • A Fiber Optic Lighting System Brings Long-Term Return on Investment
    Fiber optic lights are operated by a single light source. The lamp emits luminance that goes through the cables to light various landscape elements. Pools, waterfalls, fountains, gardens, and trees can all be illuminated with a broad spectrum of colors and a wide array of special effects.
  • Fiber Optic Waterfall
    Fiber optics cables can be used to light a waterfall. This contributes a very unique aesthetic to Houston landscaping design. Waterfalls illuminated by fiber optic systems can display a full spectrum of color, or they can glow with a primary color that appears sublime and mystical in the night.
  • Landscaping Berms
    Landscaper berms add unique shapes to a yard. They bring vertical impact and definition that creates unique zones of interest. They can also support privacy walls made of trees.
  • Swimming Pool Lighting with Fiber Optic Cable
    The most versatile kind of pool lighting is done by fiber optic cables. Capable of generating a full spectrum of colors from an individual light source, underwater fiber optics can be configured to create any special effects you want.
  • Landscaping Wall Ideas
    You can add any kind of landscaping wall idea to your outdoor living space. You can use walls to create privacy in your yard. You can also use them to separate unique zones of interest dedicated to different purposes.
  • Residential Pool Design
    Residential pool design involves the custom development of swimming pool plans. Attention to meticulous detail is put into their construction so they will reflect the beauty of the home and surrounding Houston landscaping plan with an impeccable blend of function and form.
  • Privacy Landscaping Ideas
    Many different kinds of privacy landscaping ideas may be integrated into Houston landscaping plans. These privacy ideas help homeowners relax in the outdoors without the worry of being seen by their neighbors.
  • Trough Gardens Add Unique Accents to Houston Landscaping
    Trough gardens are mini gardens that are grown in special containers. Not all troughs look like troughs, though, and so many different Houston landscaping plans can be enhanced by them.
  • Planter Boxes Can Accent Many Parts of Your Houston Landscaping Plan
    Planter boxes can be added to any Houston landscaping plan. They can be built of a variety of materials, and they can be placed in both front and back yards.
  • Custom Pool Deck Plan
    Custom pool deck plans shape a deck around your pool that also matches your house. Decks like this help transition home architecture to the yard, the pool, and beyond.
  • Permeable Interlocking Pavers
    Some people are confused by the term permeable interlocking pavers. They are not blocks of grass and cement that alternate like patchwork. They are actual pavers that allow water to drain through them into the ground.
  • Retaining Wall Contractors
    Retaining wall contractors can be hired to prevent erosion with special walls that hold back the grade of the land. These retaining walls are also highly aesthetic and increase curb appeal.
  • Winter Landscaping Improves Houston Home Curb Appeal
    Winter landscaping is so much more than landscape maintenance. It is the deliberate development of softscapes and hardscapes that add curb appeal in the middle of the holidays.
  • Pathway Design Expands Your Sense of Outdoor Living Space
    Pathways cause the yard to appear much larger than it actually is. They indicates the location of the most significant points of interest.
  • There Are Many Types of Houston Landscaping Plants to Choose From
    Grasses, flowering ground covers, shrubs, perennials, annuals, vines, and trees can all flourish here in the Bayou City. With the diversity of Houston landscaping plants we have available, choices in garden designs are near infinite, and bounded only by the limitations of the imagination itself.
  • Garden Plans
    Garden plans are born in consultation. Homeowners share their wish list for garden plants and vegetation with Houston landscaping designers. Professionals then develop these wish lists into garden plans that reflect the architecture of the home and establish the softscape theme of the landscape master plan.
  • Houston Garden Design With Water Loving Plants
    Natural ponds and garden ponds bring dimension, repose, and calm to the mind. Adding water loving plants to them gives them vitality in addition to reflectivity.
  • Arbors Increase Shade and Add Human Scaling to Houston Homes
    People prefer outdoor environments that have been built to proportion with human activities. One example of this is a custom arbor added to an exceptionally large home. The smaller, adjacent structure helps reduce the overwhelming presence of the house to a more subdued level of immediate, comfortable experience.
  • The Best Reasons to Install a Garden Sprinkler System
    You can have your professional Houston landscaping firm install a garden sprinkler system for you. It will provide you with practical convenience and keep your garden looking vibrant and beautiful.
  • Star Fiber Optic Lighting
    You can light any Houston landscaping element with star fiber optic cables. They can be installed in swimming pools, outdoor building floors, ceilings, and walkways.
  • Split-Level Decks
    A split-level deck has two main levels. The upper level can be accessed from one or more rooms of the home. The ground level of the deck can be accessed from the yard. This part of the deck can also lead into a swimming pool area, a garden, or down to a walkway that leads into the back of the yard.
  • Boulder Steps
    Boulder steps are attractive pieces of rock that are cut out of boulders. Professional landscapers saw them into pieces and create flat steps that people can walk over.
  • Illuminate Your Pool with Fiber Optic Star Lights
    The star lighting effect is one of the most popular aesthetics generated by fiber optic lighting. Optical cables are installed in the walls and bottom of the pool. Operated by a remote generator, each cable produces a tiny point of light that emulates stars in space.
  • Stone Water Fountains
    You can add elegance to your Houston landscaping plan with stone water fountains. Stone works with any style of home architecture. It is also a good, natural blend with vegetation.
  • Interlocking Paving Stones Made from Decorative and Porous Concrete
    Interlocking paver stones were first used by the Romans. These pavers were made of actual stone. Today, decorative concrete pavers can imitate stone and offer more cost effective hardscape design as a result.
  • Patio Retaining Walls
    You can help prevent erosion of soil around your hardscapes with patio retaining walls. These walls modify the grade of your land, stabilizing the area in the process. You will also have more accent and vertical impact if you add them to your Houston landscaping plan.
  • Small Formal Gardens Can Be Planted Anywhere
    One of the beauties of small formal gardens is the versatility of their placement. They can be placed anywhere in a yard, and they are by no means limited to small properties. In fact, very large yards that otherwise appear overwhelming to the eye can be subdivided into zones of interest by planting small custom gardens in strategic areas.
  • French Formal Garden Design Strategy
    The French formal garden was, and still is, intended to inspire a sense of awe and wonder in the visitor in much the same manner as the facade of a grand, elite chateau would produce in the viewer.
  • How a Landscaper Is The Best Source For Swimming Pool Design
    The intention of swimming pool design is to improve the property in several respects. First, it creates an exceptionally popular and practical focal point for outdoor entertainment venues. While not everyone may enjoy swimming in a pool, almost everyone enjoys gathering around a pool to relax.
  • Garden Design Ideas Can be Based On A Number Of Things
    Garden design ideas can be based on a number of things. One of these is geometry. Geometry is important to the establishment of relationships between architecture and landscape elements.
  • A Formal Garden Adds Elegant Tranquility And Superb Decor To The Landscape
    A formal garden is distinguished by order, neatness, geometry, and symmetry. This style of garden design is one of the oldest in the world, tracing its origins back to the beginnings of recorded history. This is because formality is a common and honored tradition in all Western, Middle Eastern, and Eastern Cultures.
  • Backyard Pool Design Adds Character And Curb Appeal To Any Property
    Nothing adds new character and curb appeal to a property quite like backyard pool design does. It gives homeowners and guests a focal point for outdoor entertainment, and it adds curb appeal to your home.
  • Minimalist Landscape Design Means
    Minimalist landscape design is based upon the aesthetic principle of "less is more". Currently, it is most commonly associated with contemporary landscape design due to the modernist reduction of vegetation and the emphasis of inorganic elements over organic
  • Minimalist Garden Design Is An Aesthetic Principle Based Upon The Perspective that LESS IS MORE
    Minimalist garden design is not a specific style of gardening, but rather an aesthetic principle based upon the perspective that less is more. In these gardens, plants are carefully selected, and unusual materials are integrated into the vegetation.
  • Contemporary Patios Can Be Anything You Want Them To Be
    Many people do not realize that a contemporary patio is actually less expensive to build than a deck. This is particularly true when more standard costs materials are selected, and when no masonry walls are built around its perimeter.
  • Home Garden Landscaping Will Add Curb Appeal To Your Property
    Home garden landscaping will add curb appeal to your property. It will also provide you with an island of tranquility to which you can retreat from the stress factors of daily life. When a professional landscaping company designs and installs such a garden, it transforms an ordinary yard into a vast and beautiful realm of outdoor living.
  • Exterior Wall Fountains In Your Landscape
    Exterior wall fountains are elegant features in your landscape. They add visual charm and auditory pleasure as they direct the viewing eye across the outdoor design. Additionally they are quite versatile, fitting into the odd crook and cranny or taking center stage as a large water fountain that covers an entire wall.
  • Garden Designers And Their Designing Ways
    Garden designers working in Houston landscapes typically come from the two major lines of thought for gardens: formal designs and natural designs. Those specialists who work at the top of their game possess high levels of knowledge and discernment when it comes to design principles, plants and ecological systems.
  • Decorative Masonry Adds Vertical Impact And Curb Appeal To Your Home And Yard
    Decorative masonry is a highly special type of hardscape that creates beauty in the yard and adds dimension to a property. While its primary purpose is admittedly aesthetic, it is fully capable if building functionality into is decor in a manner that makes the forms it creates useful components of outdoor living.
  • Garden Landscaping Design Unifies Architecture And Landscape Forms
    The ultimate intention of garden landscaping design is to create an aesthetic unity between architecture, lawn, and tree growth that ultimately results in a feeling of peace and inner harmony when perceived
  • Landscape Design Firms: Your Team of Pros
    Landscape design firms are professionals, trained in principles of design, who are skilled in horticulture and construction techniques. Their palette and canvas is the Houston landscape.
  • Landscape Design Tree Placements
    Landscape design tree placement within your Houston landscape is part science, part art. While your initial goal may only be to provide, say, some much-needed shade, you have an opportunity with a landscape design tree project to unify the look of your property and give it long-lasting elegance.
  • Hire A Landscaping Company First, Then Let Your Landscaper Contract A Masonry Specialist
    If you need the work of a masonry specialist, let Exterior Worlds handle the design planning of the work and find the right subcontractor to do the actual construction. Masonry contractors normally work under the invoice of a general contractor in charge of a larger project.
  • Custom Patio Design Lays A Foundation For Outdoor Living
    Design is of the utmost importance when it comes to building a custom patio in your yard. This is because a hardscape is basically a type of flooring. Just as a floor inside your house provides a foundation for lifestyle and activity, so too does the hardscape outside of your house create a foundation for an outdoor lifestyle that you are spending a great deal of time and money to create.
  • What you Need To Know About Professional Landscape Yard Design
    Do I need to be knowledgeable in landscape yard design to add curb appeal to my property?
    No. You just need to work with a professional landscaping company that can do more with your yard than simply maintain the grass and flower bed. Think about working with a team who can take the essence of your personal lifestyle and turn that into tangible form.
  • Your Front Yard Landscape Design Project
    Your front yard landscape design is the first thing that registers with people about your home. It says everything from "All are welcomed here" to "We like our privacy." While the front yard landscape design is always important, it is never more so than when you are ready to sell your property. Real estate agents call it curb appeal and recommend that you have lots of it in your Houston landscape.
  • Outdoor Garden Wall Is An Important Masonry Element
    An outdoor garden wall is a masonry element that is constructed around a garden, entry garden, or an outdoor garden courtyard. Its purpose in landscaping is to create a special enclosure where hedges, shrubbery, plants, flowers, and small trees can be set apart for special emphasis and enjoyment.
  • Outdoor Living Space Design Extends Personal Lifestyle Beyond House Walls
    Ultimately, outdoor living space design unifies home, outdoor rooms, and outdoor buildings into a singular, superb moment of sheer lifestyle experience. Professional outdoor living space design must be undertaken with a special consideration in mind.
  • Small Gardens Create Interest And Variety
    For people who have very small homes, or who have limited yard space around their homes, the small garden can be the answer to a lot of landscaping design challenges. Small gardens help create interest and variety in what would otherwise appear to be only a few square feet of grass.
  • Hardscape Refers Any Non-Organic Landscape Element
    The term "hardscape" refers any non-organic landscape element that is deliberately planned and constructed. It gets its name from the nature of the materials used to build the many forms that constitute this family of landscaping elements.
  • Driveway Landscape Design Adds Style And Symmetry To A Front Yard
    By definition, driveway landscape design is the deliberate construction of a functional hardscape with a high aesthetic impact on the surrounding landscape. Walls and fences create vertical impact and style, while flower beds, shrubs, and trees soften an otherwise plain surface into a vibrant area of eye-catching presence and life.
  • Clean Landscaping Is A Form Of Contemporary Landscaping
    It gets its name from its characteristic lack of clutter. From one point of view, in fact, clean landscaping could be call epitome of the "less is more" approach to landscape design because of its simple approach to hardscape geometry and very Spartan control of organic material.
  • Bush Planting In Your Landscape Design
    Bush planting is one of the foundational elements in your Houston landscape. Taller, evergreen bushes create the backdrop against which showier plants can shine. Shorter bushes provide mid-level, or filler, interest.
  • Contemporary Garden Design Is A Powerful, Unique, And Innovative Form
    Contemporary garden design is one of the most unique and innovative styles you will ever experience in the world of gardening. Contemporary gardens are powerfully distinguished by clean lines, sharp, unpredictable angles, and unique geometric forms.
  • Do-it-yourself Landscaping Is Never As Simple As It Looks
    Websites, how-to videos, and magazines make it look so easy. When you actually get out in the yard and start working, whoever, you run into all sorts of unforeseen variables that challenge you at every turn.
  • Decks Work As Gathering Spots And Transition Areas
    By definition, a deck is a flat, elevated surface that connects to the house. It serves several functions. It gives homeowners a place to entertain just beyond the threshold of their door. It provides guests with a vantage point from which to survey the Houston landscape, and it gives everyone a comfortable place to stand and sit.
  • Getting The Home Garden Design You Want
    Thinking about home garden designs opens up a realm of possibilities. Gardens are places of retreat and restoration. Gardens evoke pleasure, sensuality and intimacy. They are also places of change, every day, every season, every year.
  • Residential Sprinkler Systems That Work For You
    A residential sprinkler system is one of the smartest ways to protect your landscaping investment. These time-saving systems immensely ease the burden of lawn care. They improve the health of all your plantings because of the consistency of the watering.
  • Designer Gardens: Pure Enchantment
    The first thing to acknowledge about designer gardens is that "garden" is a noun and a verb. It seems that double usage was intentional since a garden is a place of action. Life happens here and humans, since time immemorial, have appreciated this intertwined idea, the ideal of it. A garden is life in motion, a process, a becoming.
  • How To Work With Houston Landscape Professionals To Design A Landscape
    To design a landscape that truly reflects your lifestyle and values, you have to think about visual impact, mobility, recreation, and functionality. Having a sense of these things before you sit down with your professional landscape designer will go a long way toward getting the yard of your dreams.
  • Contemporary Garden Fountains Offer Endless Aesthetic Opportunities
    By definition, a contemporary water fountain is a custom-designed water feature that is distinguished by very stark geometry, superior construction materials, and technological sophistication. Contemporary garden fountains are tranquil and discrete; operating on remote, silent pumps that circulate water silently so that all you hear is the water i

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