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Michiel Van Kets's Articles

  • After Penguin Your Profiles Have Become Even More Important For Assosiations
    Google has been tweaking and adding the rankings factors from the bottom up, they have been mostly deindexing pages, based on stricter on-page rules. Resulting in you losing your links from those low value pages.
  • How To Get Your Website Found In Google Local And Maps
    When your potential clients include your location when searching for your keywords then google shows on top of the regular results also listings from google maps, that's what we call local search.
  • To Have Listings in Directory Sites is Effective to Get Links
    Many are oblivious to the tools on hand out there that can provide search engine optimization or SEO in short, to promote their websites on the web. Building links with manual directory submissions is one of the most prevalent search engine optimization tools now. Directory submissions are the most popular method because they give more benefits tha
  • How to Become an Energy Consultant
    The deregulation of energy services in various states of America has seen an increase in competition and a reduction in gas and electric rates, which makes it a great business to get involved in. If you're looking for a new career and interested in the power business then now might be the time to make a move. Read on for some tips and advice about
  • Private Patient Group Directions
    Private Patient Group Directions give pharmacists the opportunity to train and supply prescription drugs normally only approved by a doctor. PGDs include treatments for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, emergency contraception and more. Just register online for training and start dispensing today.
  • Choosing The Right Ski And Snowboard Equipment
    What many people don't know is that not all ski and snowboard equipment is made the same and can be used equally, that's why it's very important that you find ski equipment that fit you perfectly. If you are a novice skier, there are a lot of great tips out there on what to think about before you purchase a snowboard, helmet or goggles.
  • Foot Problems: Some Examples And How They're Treated
    Today, many women care more about their looks and spend a lot of money on nice, high heels, not really thinking about what's the most comfortable for their feet. Some shoes can cause severe foot problems and that is why you should be extra careful and choose a good pair of comfortable shoes when you go out every day.
  • Top Cycling Jerseys and Shorts
    Wearing good quality, proper cycling jerseys, shorts, shoes, gloves and helmets when you're cycling is a must for you who enjoy the sport. There are many different kinds of cycling apparel available which will certainly keep you safe on the road as well as comfortable during the ride.
  • Voice Recognition Software Can Help Your Business Grow
    Any business dealing with clients' personal details should be looking at voice biometrics as a way to keep them safe and secure. This is a system that can help a business improve customer satisfaction and give that competitive edge.
  • Top Tips For Cleaning Your Silver Antiques
    Do you have some unique and beautiful pieces of antique silver you are worried about cleaning? Are you curious as to the best way to clean your treasured silver tea set. Then there are many things you need to consider to get your silver pieces looking their best!
  • Landfills, Waste Management And Recycling
    Waste management is a complex subject but one that has to be dealt with efficiently and quickly. The answer is to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills and reuse, reclaim and recycle.
  • ISDN User Services Guides - What Features Can I Have On My ISDN Service
    What is call waiting? When you use the full capacity of your ISDN service, call waiting tells you if another call is trying to get through. You have the option of accepting the incoming call and placing another call on hold, or clearing a current call to accept a waiting call.
  • Medical Website Design Does Not Have To Be Boring
    Medical web design historically seems to have been led by concerns about compliance and as a result imagination and creativity seem to get left behind. However, as more companies in the medical and healthcare sectors are investing more of their budgets in digital, designers and developers who understand compliance issues can now offer the creativit
  • Benefits Of NBN Satellite For Remote Areas Of Australia
    There are plenty of benefits of NBN Broadband satellite for those living in remote areas of Australia. Better access to government services and communication and entertainment services are just some of them to look out for.
  • Flooring Solutions For Commercial Properties
    Looking for a practical and affordable solution to your commercial flooring needs? Then check out epoxy flooring for the best there is. Non-slip seamless surfaces, an assortment of colours available, and environmentally-friendly.
  • Renovating Your Home
    Is it time to renovate your home? Start off with the doors as they can make a big difference to the way your house looks and even the rooms themselves. Functional and affordable doors can be searched for with online suppliers.
  • Improve The Living Environment By Recycling E-Waste
    E-waste causes a big problem for governments' as electronic products become cheaper and more disposable. Environmental leaders in waste management and resource recovery help resolve what to do with all this waste.
  • Extend Your Living Area Outdoors With Patio Doors
    Adding patio doors to your home can make a big difference to the amount of living space you then have. They can let in more light and open up the room, and make the room perfect for family barbeques and parties too.
  • Sign Up With An IT Recruitment Agency
    IT recruitment agencies are an alternative to setting up a HR department and offer all kinds of advantages to employers and employees. If you're looking for a job then sign up with one and you'll soon see all the offers pouring in from companies all over Australia.
  • What Are Specials And How Do They Differ From Licensed Medicines?
    Specials medicines are bona fide medications, which are individually manufactured according to the instructions of a prescribing doctor, dentist or pharmacist. Often referred to as just 'specials' they are unlicensed drugs. While perfectly legal and widely used, there are some key differences between licensed medicines and specials. Specials Manufa
  • Clone Scripts For A Successful Website
    Leading web development company's can provide you with the software to create your very own website clone. Check out their portfolio online and see what they can do for your new project.
  • Telephone VoIP Systems For A Small Business
    Looking for a communication solution for your small business? Then read on and find out more about the advantages of switching to a VoIP system for efficiency, speed, and lower costs.
  • Sexy Lingerie - A Gift with Benefits
    Baby dolls, bustiers, lacy bra sets and camisoles are a great way to set the bedroom on fire, if your love life is lacking then invest in sexy lingerie and see how it can change the way you feel, and look.
  • What Treatments Are Available To Dysphagia Sufferers?
    Dysphagia, the medical term for difficulty with swallowing, is present in people of all ages. There are a number of causes, and depending upon the cause, various treatments and coping techniques can be tried. While dealing with dysphagia can be quite distressing, obtaining professional medical assistance, correct medication and utilizing some simpl
  • Paper Recycling At The Office
    All over the country you'll find companies putting a lot more effort into being seen as a company that is 'green', but maintaining it is really down to how committed your employees are as they are the people who use the plastic bottles and cans and print out documents, photocopy memos, and buy the office supplies needed for daily use in the office.
  • Pop-up Displays For Your Trade Show Event
    There are various displays to choose from when organizing a trade show event Pop-up displays are an easy option as they take no time at all to set up or clean up
  • Customer Service Jobs Come In All Different Shapes And Forms
    A customer service job doesn't just mean sitting in a call centre either taking or making calls all day long. Customer service is the life blood of organisations big and small, it's the main reason people will keep coming back to you over your competitors. So it doesn't matter if you work on a checkout, fill shelves, work in a petrol station or dri
  • Why Medical Website Development Needs A Different Approach
    Medical website design requires a different approach to that of many sectors. Regulatory bodies in the UK have hard and fast rules about what messages companies can communicate to consumers around products and to healthcare professionals and failure to abide by the rules will incur hefty fines.
  • Can Search Engine Optimisation Be Part Of A Medical Marketing Strategy
    The medical sector is still well behind the curve when it comes to their digital marketing strategies. As companies try to catch up they become embroiled in latest terminology and buzz words which inevitably is around social marketing but they are ignoring the basics and search engine optimisation is a basic which many firms think don't apply to th
  • Recycling Ideas For The Office Environment
    We can all help contribute towards protecting the environment simply by reducing the amount of waste that we throw into the bin, which would invariably end up in a landfill. Recycling is one effective measure that everyone can work towards and there are lots of various systems already in place to accomplish this.
  • Save Time and Energy With The Best Malware Software Available
    Viruses, Trojans and phishing emails all strike fear into businesses, whatever their size as the damage they can do is serious. Check out the latest Malware software available and your worries may be over.
  • Find The Best Deals On Mobile Phones And Call Plans
    Selecting the ideal phone and call plan can be tricky for lots of mobile users as providers come up with an endless array of handsets and call plans. Check out great deals online for price comparison and extras.
  • Candida – Information and Treatment
    You may have heard the word candida being thrown around but don't really understand how debilitating it can be and just how it can affect peoples lives So, what is Candida
  • Spend The Summer In Somerset
    Somerset is a real family destination as it has beaches, countryside and busy towns to travel around. Whether you like the sound of a room in a luxury beach resort, a simple B&B;, a camping holiday or a farm stay, you are guaranteed a warm welcome.
  • Introduction To Blog Commenting For Beginners
    Blogs are web logs: online dairies in other words. There are different platforms for it, but wordpress is totally dominating the market. One of the main reasons why blogs are so popular is because web developers started to develop blogs for themselves, which is why wordpress is one of the few free scripts out there that is actually good.
  • Explore the Child-friendly Country Parks Of Dorset
    Dorset has something for the whole family, if you're looking for somewhere that will keep the kids entertained too then this is the place to visit. The country parks have miles of walking and cycle tracks to explore.
  • Maximize Your Body With Axiolabs Steroids
    Physical exercise slows down the ageing process and maintains cognitive abilities well into older age, as well as making you look good physically. Read on for further information about taking steroids as a supplement to exercise.
  • Exactly What Is Medicine Management And Why Is It So Critical?
    In medicine management, standards are examined and compiled with regard to the ways in which the medications are prescribed, stored, transported and utilized. The goal is to protect those who administer the medications as well as those who receive them. In 2004, the MHRA released the following definition of Medicine Management: The clinical, cost e
  • Pharma Website Design Doesn't Have To Be Boring
    For some reason website design for pharmaceutical or medical device companies is stuck in the dark ages. Whereas other industries have embraced web technologies and design trends, the medical sector has been afraid of regulation and embracing new technology and this has left a raft of outdated, poorly designed websites that do little to attract of
  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Liquid Medicines Over Tablets And Pills?
    Adult medicines are usually in the form of tablets. It is fairly common for liquid formulations to be supplied for either the elderly or the very young, as they are more likely to experience issues swallowing solid medications. Liquid Medicines can be a great option to use in place of a number of medications, both common and uncommon. As is the cas
  • Free Casino Slots Online For Fun And Thrills
    Free casino games can be found online with no downloading needed, search for slot machines, roulette and poker and play for free with friends or alone from the comfort of your own home.
  • The Christmas Season All Over The World
    Christmas fare has been adapted by each country to suit individual taste buds, in the UK we enjoy turkey and all the trimmings, whilst the Swedes like to feast upon ham, herring, and brown beans.
  • Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree
    Christmas is about enjoying yourself and having quality time with each other. The Christmas Tree is a major part of the festivities and the whole family can be involved with choosing it, decorating it with baubles and ornaments, and placing gifts underneath it.
  • What Are The Most Commonly Understood Reasons And Treatments For Trouble Swallowing?
    Dysphagia, or the difficulty to swallow, has a wide variety of causes and can be treated in a numerous amount of ways. The following article will talk about what causes dysphagia and how it can be treated. Significant improvements of this condition can be made through medical advice, the correct use of medication, and the use of techniques.
  • How to Execute Manual Directory Submissions for Optimized Link Building
    Although the majority businesses nowadays have a website, their existence greatly depends on how quickly it can be located when looked for by consumers. Directory submissions are a vastly extensively used means because it has shown successful outcomes time after time.
  • Traditions At Christmas Time
    There are all kinds of Christmas traditions to make the holiday season fun, from decorating the tree and making the cake, to taking the kids to visit Santa at his grotto, and going to a pantomime.
  • Traditional Foods At Christmas Time
    In the UK we have all kinds of special food we like to eat at Christmas time. Turkey for our dinner on the 25th, beef on Boxing Day, and mince pies and gingerbread are just some of the favourites we can look forward to.
  • The Reasons For Team Building
    Team work is essential in business and the workplace and working together as a team is much more efficient and productive than as an individual. Team building is all about empowering people, nurturing their behaviour and attitude. This is achieved through respect, encouragement, enthusiasm and caring for people rather than an environment where peop
  • Why Is Mobile So Important To Medical Website Design
    Medical website design is a more specialised area that requires a careful understanding of the current regulations surround what can and cannot be said online. The way in which medics use the mobile web and Apps to access information is evolving at an incredible rate and must be planned as part of a design strategy.
  • Why Customer Service Jobs Are So Important To Business
    The most important element of any business is the customers or clients and it is imperative that they feel like they have been dealt with in a competent and professional manner, to maintain and improve their loyalty and satisfaction. Any employee who interacts with customers is a representative of that business and needs to understand the basic pri
  • What Are The Options And Risks Associated With Tablet Crushing?
    Tablets are the most common form of medication available for adults that can be bought, either as an over the counter non-prescription drug or one prescribed by a medically qualified practitioner. Tablets are often manufactured using a special coating that protects the active ingredient from stomach acid and ensures its release into the blood strea
  • A Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan For Everyone
    There's a catastrophic health insurance plan to fit most people's lifestyle, you just need to check out the various policies online to see what level of coverage is available. Get 4 or 5 quotes before making any decision and don't take your health for granted any longer.
  • Submitting Your Site to Directories is Crucial to Optimize Your Site
    For the uses of SEO, directory submissions have proven to be, repeatedly, one of the most cost efficient ways of all. Discover what happens behind directory submissions, and you can then see the choices you have alongside other conventional marketing and promotion methods.
  • Display Stands For High Impact
    Exhibition display stands are designed for all kinds of events these days, check them out online where you'll find the whole spectrum of designs, economical prices, and delivery within a few days. Pull-up banners and brochure stands are just some of the most popular.
  • Consider Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans
    There are plenty of benefits once you make the decision to get a catastrophic health insurance plan, amongst them low monthly premiums, and a choice of coverage depending on your needs.
  • Why Directory Submission Can Help to Rank in Google
    Every businesses at the moment ought to ensure that its web representation, by way of its website, is well made, nice looking and most importantly, is effortlessly searched for and located on the web.
  • Do You Experience Difficulty With Swallowing? Helpful Information For Those Who Have Problems With Swallowing
    Swallowing difficulties, medically known as dysphagia, can occur for a variety of reasons and can happen to people of any age. A complex process, swallowing involves the occurrence of reflexes mainly in the pharynx and oesophagus, but in the brain as well. Aside from dysphagia that is brought on by a stroke (which normally improves over time), vari
  • Does Catastrophic Health Insurance Suit Everyone?
    Catastrophic health insurance can save you money and cover you in the event of an accident where medical costs are prone to spiral. Read on and find out if it's suitable for your health requirements and budget.
  • How Ice Breaker Games Are Used In Business
    It is be a misconception to think that games are just for children. Ice breaker games can be used effectively in business settings and serve a wide number of functions. The primary use for icebreakers, as the name implies, is as a form of facilitation between members in a group that may not be familiar with one another, as a means to introduce stra
  • Christmas For The Kids
    Christmas should be particularly memorable for children so this year why not make it extra special by bringing back traditional activities? Decorating cookies and a real fir tree can be fun for the whole family.
  • Online Casino Games For Free!
    Go online to play casino games as they give beginners a certain amount in dollars as well as a set amount of minutes to play for free. You can make as much money as you want without spending a penny! Online casino games offer incredibly friendly graphics and the feel of modern games - just as if you're in Las Vegas!
  • What Causes Dysphagia And What Information Do We Have About It?
    Dysphagia, also known as problems with swallowing, can occur in people of all ages, including young and elderly persons. There are many causes for this condition, and different treatments, as well as coping techniques, may be found according to the patient's current state of health and medical condition. There are two kinds of dysphagia, Oropharyng
  • Find Out More About Catastrophic Insurance
    Catastrophic health insurance is unlike any traditional insurance and an affordable way to protect you and your family against unexpected medical costs. Find out more by searching online for quotes and what's included in the coverage.
  • Shopping Tips At Christmas
    Need some basic shopping tips to get you through the christmas holidays? If you often end up with big credit card bills to pay off in the New Year then read on for ideas on how to save money and budget for gifts.
  • The Process of Buying Directory Submission to Rank in Google
    Apart from the necessary on page optimization which will include provide the correct META tags, a rigid content development, page load size, etc., off-page optimization is just as crucial too. One of the easiest and most helpful ways of off page optimization is building links by submitting it to directories manually.
  • A Return To Tradition At Christmas
    Christmas is a very traditional time of year which often gets forgotten in the spending frenzy of buying gifts for everyone. Put the tradition back into the holidays with a visit to the pantomime and a real fir tree in your home.
  • Can Team Building Exercises Help To Improve Business Performance?
    Having a strong and effective team culture in your organisation will really boost your business' overall productivity, achievements and development, as well as making your business more pleasant to work for, helping you keep and recruit top staff. However these types of teams don't just happen by accident though, they need to be created and develop
  • How Can You Use A Steel Framed Building To Solve Space Requirements
    Steel buildings may not be the first thing you think of when considering your options for additional space. For cost effective storage solutions which can be constructed quickly, steel framed buildings can provide the perfect safe and secure additional space for garage or workshop located near to your existing buildings.
  • Do You Have Health Insurance?
    If you don't have any kind of health insurance in place then every day is a risk. Paying for a medical emergency out of your own pocket will be expensive and could put you into debt. Check out catastrophic health insurance for peace of mind and affordable premiums.
  • Ways To Limit Christmas Spending
    There's all kinds of ways you can limit the amount of money spent at Christmas time. Here are some handy tips that'll make this time of year easier on the pocket, all it takes is a bit of planning and organisation.
  • Choose A Real Xmas Tree With Care
    There's not much you need at Christmas time to make it an authentic experience, but a real tree is definitely one of them. Once the lush green branches are hung with colourful decorations and baubles and the fragrant aroma of pine radiates through the house it gives any home a festive, christmassy air.
  • Is Vehicle Remapping For You?
    Were you aware that your car's engine management system essentially limits its power? Default engine settings are put into place at the factory where the car is manufactured, but with ECU remapping you can enhance its BHP for a better performance.
  • The Common Causes And Treatments Connected To Swallowing Difficulties
    Swallowing difficulties, known as dysphagia, can have a vast array of causes and can be helped in a variety of ways. This article takes a look at the most common causes of difficulty with swallowing (dysphagia) and some of the ways that are available to treat it. Although acutely stressful, dysphagia can be alleviated by sound medical counselling,
  • Shopping For Your Christmas Tree Online
    Shop online for your Christmas tree this year as it's a lot more convenient and cheaper too. If time is limited then the internet is the answer with a great range of real fir trees and decorations to choose from.
  • Add Power To Your Used Car With ECU Remapping
    A used car can benefit from ECU remapping as it will give it more power and add to the overall driving performance, as well as save you money in fuel costs. An affordable option, the driving experience will be enhanced, and services are mobile so they come to you.
  • Cheap Or Free DSLR Stabilization/Steadicam Tricks
    dSLR cameras allow just about anybody with a couple grand to capture high-definition footage with big-budget looks such as depth-of-field, motion blur and deep, rich colors. One thing which dSLR shooters still struggle with is getting steady handheld or dolly tracking shots without investing in a pro stabilization system or building a cumbersome PV
  • Artificial Or Real Christmas Trees?
    There are pros and cons for buying both artificial or real Christmas tree's and your decision will come down to what's needed. Artificial equals clean and convenient, whilst real trees offer that gorgeous pine smell combined with deep green branches, and they can be recycled.
  • Discover The Causes Of The Condition Known As Dysphagia, Which Is The Medical Terminology For Problems With Swallowing.
    Dysphagia, which is the medical terminology for difficulties in swallowing, may occur in persons who are young or elderly. The causes can vary, and depending on the reasons for the condition, different medical treatments or coping techniques can be applied. Dysphagia comes in two forms; Oropharyngeal, where the neurological nerves and muscles contr
  • Choose The Specialists For Engine Remapping
    Mobile specialist services in ECU remapping means you don't have to take your car anywhere to benefit from an increase in power. Contact the experts today and they’ll explain all the benefits, and even come to your home to do the work.
  • What Are Team Building Exercises And What Is Their Purpose?
    Team building exercises can be fun and challenging, but the real reason more and more organisations and businesses use team building exercises these days is because of the various ways in which these exercises can be effective and useful toward achieving organisational goals. In essence, team building exercises encompass a wide range of group or or
  • Create Your Own Christmas Decorations
    There is nothing to compare with a real Christmas tree for the fragrance and richness of colours. Make your tree extra special by getting the whole family involved in creating decorations for it for a unique look, look online for economical and imaginative ideas.
  • If Storage Space Is A Problem, What Options Are Available To You
    Concrete garages may not be the first thing you think of when considering additional storage space but when you've outgrown the old potting shed and need somewhere larger, comfortable and more secure to store your hard-earned hobby craft, tools, DIY equipment, art equipment or those records you've been hanging on to for years, they are a cost effec
  • Ask The Experts To Remap Your Vehicle
    Did you know you can increase the power of your car by remapping the ECU in your vehicle's engine? Tuning specialists are skilled and can make improvements that will give you a faster and smoother drive.
  • Christmas Is A Time To Be Together
    It's difficult to find the time to get the whole family together but Christmas should be set aside for everyone to meet and catch up with the news. Spend the holiday with your family and less time running around organising things this year.
  • Choosing The Right Facilities Management Service
    Finding a facilities management service to meet your needs isn't always as easy as you would think, read on for some tips on what to expect from a dependable and effectual environmental service who can deal with your commercial waste.
  • Make This Christmas Extra Special
    This Christmas forget about buying expensive gifts for the family, instead give them quality time and organise some fun activities to do together. This time of year should be about having time to talk and decorating the xmas tree for a real festive feel.
  • Reassuring Care Calls For The Elderly
    As our parents age we have to find ways that protect them from accidents in their own homes and if they live alone this can be a double worry. A care call once or twice, a day can give you peace of mind and ensure a loved one is safe and well.
  • ECU Remapping For Optimal Performance
    Speak to an ECU remapping specialist today and find out how you can improve your car's performance, increase power and save on fuel costs. The UK's leading providers of advanced remapping technologies offer lifetime guarantees - find them online.
  • How Customer Service Courses Can Work For Your Employees And Your Customers
    Training staff in how to provide high quality customer service can reap dividends for both the employee and the organisation as a whole. Customer expectations for service are increasing annually and tend to be set by the best in the industry. As the market leaders push the boundaries even higher customers expect or demand the same from product prov
  • The Process of Doing a Directory Submission Manually for Optimized Link Popularity
    Using directory submission for SEO is a very inexpensive option. Take an in-depth look on the advantages of what a manual directory submission service provider can do for you, and you can then compare this info with the outlays of other regular promotional and advertising ways.
  • Why Ice Breaker Games Work When Used Correctly
    An icebreaker is a task or exercise designed to help a group of individuals start the process of forming a team. Exercises that fall into this category tend to be quick and easy to organise and simple and non-threatening to the group so as to encourage dialogue and the flow of information.
  • Get Expert Help With Exhibition Designs
    Getting help from the professionals for your exhibition design makes sense as they have expertise in corporate branding and can customise your booth in a way that will get you the attention you want.
  • The Benefits of Executing Manual Directory Submissions for Succesful Internet Marketing
    The existence of all business in our day is inherent to how easily it can be found when looked for by consumers. Directory submissions are thus a recognized link building method since it has proven to be successful at building up a site's web representation again and again.
  • Who Should Be Using Customer Service Training
    Any employee who interacts with a customer on any level should be a candidate for customer service training. Not only does the training teach the basic principles of how to interact professionally with customers, but gives the employee confidence in their own customer service abilities, leading to more satisfied staff and clients. The most importan
  • Protect Clients With Voice Biometric Software
    Every business wants a fool-proof system to protect against fraud, and voice biometrics are the latest technology available. As well as protecting your customers, they also receive a better quality service with limited call waiting times.
  • The Advantages of Executing a Directory Submission Manually to Get Links
    The objective of optimizing a website for search engines is to get the uppermost page ranking achievable when certain key words and phrases are queried.
  • How Team Building Benefits Your Business
    In the business environment there is generally a focus on individual skills and achievements. Personal goals are set, rewards reflect personal successes and high flyers are singled out for praise. Whilst individuality is important, the role and dynamics of the teams in which organisations operate are equally, if not more, significant. If employees
  • Voice Recognition Technology
    Voice recognition technology is a solution that gives businesses the confidence to offer a highly secure authentication process for verifying callers identity, protecting both the customer and the business.
  • Investing In Cloud Computing Services
    It makes sense to invest in Cloud Computing services as it can save your business a lot of money by saving on hardware and software costs, and you only pay for the IT services you use each month. The benefits of one service, SaaS, includes access to the most current features and updates.
  • Functionality And Style With Oak Bookcases
    Good quality furniture is an investment that will last a lifetime and more. An oak bookcase can become an heirloom that will give character to any room. Any collection needs the proper showcase and books are no exception. A solid oak bookcase will never sag or give a shoddy presentation. Whether it is a high vertical bookcase, long horizontal bookc

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