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  • Green Buildings Create a Greener World
    Despite the fact that green buildings are beneficial for the environment, health, and economy, several obstacles prevent builders from investing in sustainable buildings. Many of the problems that we are facing today would be improved if we would commit ourselves to building sustainable buildings. In coming years it will be even more important to
  • How To Make More Friends
    Many people today suffer from loneliness. They do not know how to make more friends. To make more friends, you have to become more outgoing and you have to become a good friend yourself.
  • How To Turn Down an Invitation Politely
    Many people do not know how they can turn down an invitation politely. They are often so afraid of being rude that they end up accepting invitations to events they don't want to attend. Others end up hurting the feelings of the person who invited them. It is important to learn to turn down invitations politely.
  • Starting a Conversation When You Are Shy
    Shy people are often paralyzed with fear because they can`t think of a good way to start a conversation. It actually does not matter very much how you start a conversation. It is more important to be a good listener and to show interest in the person you are talking with. Once you learn this skill, your conversations will greatly improve.
  • Should You Date a Friend?
    What should you do if you feel secretly attracted to a friend? Should you risk the friendship and possible humiliation by telling your friend about your attraction? Should you ask your friend to go on a date?
  • Improve Your Relationships By Using Open Ended Questions
    Did you know that you can have better conversations and better relationships when you master the art of using questions effectively? When you know how to use questions to keep a conversation going, you will impress others more and get them to open up to you.
  • Why Very Smart People Sometimes Have Poor Social Skills
    Have you ever wondered why some very intelligent people have a hard time making conversation and why they often have awkward social skills? Learn why sometimes very intelligent people have difficulty making conversation with others.
  • You Donít Need to Be an Interesting Person to Make Good Friends
    Many people think the reason they don't have successful conversations or good friendships is because they aren't interesting. The real secrets to having better conversations and better friendships involves improving social skills and empathy.
  • Improve Your Confidence at Social Events - Even If You Are Shy
    Do you often feel nervous when you are at a party and you want to make a good impression on others? Perhaps you are shy and you get tongue tied or your mind goes blank. Here are many tips to help you improve your conversation confidence at social events.
  • Shy People - Learn to Be a Social Success at Parties
    Parties and business social events can be agonizing for people who are shy or those who are socially awkward. Learn how you can increase your chances of social success at parties and other events even if you are shy and tongue tied.
  • Improve Your Conversations By Saying Less
    People who have difficulty making conversation often wonder just what they should say in order to become better at making conversation. You can actually improve your conversation ability by saying less and listening more. Find out why talking less will improve your conversations.
  • Is It Time to Stop Shaking Hands?
    Many people like to shake hands when they meet someone as a way to show that they are friendly. Did you know some people want to stop the custom of shaking hands? They say that shaking hands is dangerous! Find out why.
  • Politics and Friendship - Do They Mix?
    Talking about politics with someone you don't know very well can ruin your chances at a friendship or a possible romance. Find out when it's a good idea to discuss politics with a new acquaintance, and when you should avoid the topic all together.
  • Learn to Make Friends Even if You Are Shy or Socially Awkward
    Many people are lonely because they are shy or they lack social skills. Learn what you can do to overcome shyness and improve your social confidence. At last you can have the social life you dream about.
  • Make Time For Your Friendships
    Many people today are lonely because they are too busy. People need to have friendships in their lives. Learn how you can slow down to make time for friendship.
  • Are You Lonely? What You Can Do
    Many people who are lonely don't know what to do to change their situation. If you can discover the reasons for your loneliness you can start to learn new ways of thinking and new behaviours to create a happy social life.
  • Don't Put Your Life On Hold While You Are Searching For that Special Someone
    Many people put their lives on hold while they search for that special someone. Learn why you shouldn't drop your friends while you are searching for true love.
  • Fighting For Your Life
    This article contains a unique perspective on fighting for your life when you are seriously ill.
  • Abusive Relationships - Should You Go or Should You Stay?
    Sometimes the people who are the closest to us, our friends and our mates, the ones who should be liking us the best, are the ones who hurt us the most. When we are in an abusive relationship, we often wonder if we should stay or go.
  • Turning Down an Invitation Gracefully
    Most of us have a hard time turning down an invitation gracefully. We either end up going someplace we didn't want to go with someone we don't like, or we try to make up some excuse. We can learn to turn down unwanted invitations gracefully.
  • Remove Resentment From Your Life
    One of the best ways to destroy your happiness is to focus on your resentments. When you let your resentments grow, you poison your mind and your spirit. You need to let go of your resentments if you want to have peace of mind and contentment.
  • Ginko Biloba - Should You Believe the Hype?
    Ginko biloba is one of the most popular supplements on the planet, used to prevent brain deterioration with aging. Is all the hype about ginko really true, or should you save your money?
  • What Talk Show Hosts Can Teach You About Making Conversation
    Talk show hosts can teach us a lot about making small talk conversation. These people have learned how to start a conversation with strangers and make it interesting. You can improve your conversation skills by learning from talk show professionals
  • Learn to Deal With Long Term Stress
    Life for most of us today is highly pressured and many of us are having a hard time dealing with all outside forces that seem to be closing in on us. We need to find effective ways to overcome our stressors.
  • Bad Stress in the Twenty First Century
    Today many of us are facing a lot of physical and emotional stress. Stress can hurt us in many ways, physical and mental. If we live with too much stress for too long, it can start to overwhelm us physically and mentally.
  • How to Throw a Successful Party
    Many people throw fairly boring parties. Learn a few ideas to make your parties stand out from the crowd.
  • Some Tips for a Successful Party
    If you have never hosted a party before, you may be very nervous the first few times you do it. Here are some party hints to give you the courage to begin.
  • Is the Internet a Cure for Loneliness or a Cause of Loneliness?
    Today it seems that everyone is meeting new people and staying in touch with friends on line. Still, some people wonder - is all this modern technology helping us stay in touch - or keeping us lonely and isolated?
  • Create a Learning and Review Schedule for Studying for Exams
    What is the best way to study? How long should you study and when should you review your material? There are many different ways to study effectively. Try this method to see if it works for you.
  • When You Need to Say "I'm Sorry"
    Do you find it difficult to apologize to somebody, even when you know you did wrong? Many of us have trouble making apologies, but apologizing is a skill we should all learn if we want to have happy relationships.
  • Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury
    The recent death of actress Natasha Richardson after a skiing accident left her with undiagnosed brain damage highlights the dangers of accidental trauma to the brain. Learn how to prevent brain trauma.
  • What Is Your Unique Learning Style?
    Many of us got the wrong kind of education for the unique learning style we have. Those of us who learn best by doing projects are often left behind as teachers use reading and talking as their teaching methods. We grow up lacking confidence.
  • Why There are Different Kinds of Intelligence
    Just because you didn't do well in school, it doesn't mean that you're not intelligent. There is a lot more to intelligence than what can be measured with an IQ test. Learn about other forms of intelligence. Which kind do you have?
  • Is Your Negative Body Language Pushing People Away From You?
    Your body language may be telling other people that you are open and friendly, or your body language may be saying that you are unfriendly and intimidating. Learn which body language signals to avoid if you want to seem approachable and friendly.
  • Don't Wait for a Great Social Life - Create It!
    People who are lonely and who have few friends often dread the arrival of evenings and the weekends, because they have nothing to do, and no one to do it with. Weekends can become a long stretch of lonely hours and nothing to do. Why not change?
  • Overcome Your Loneliness Even if You Are Alone
    Do you feel depressed when you have to face another weekend alone? Do you feel lonely and sorry for yourself? Learn how you can have fun enjoying your favorite activities even if no one has called you for a date.
  • Students - Learn to Pace Yourself When You Study
    Many students leave their studying too late until the night before an important exam. Even though most students realize that this is a bad habit, they continue to do it. Learn how you can pace yourself throughout the school term so you do better.
  • How to Develop Better Study Habits
    When you need to prepare for an exam, do you find it hard to sit down and make yourself study? Do you always ignore your studying until it's too late? How can you overcome your bad study habits and develop good study habits instead?
  • How Your Inner Critic Sabatoges Your Creativity
    What is standing between you and increased creativity? Chances are that your creativity is blocked by your "inner critic". Your inner critic is a voice in your mind that says nothing you do is good enough. Learn to overcome your inner critic.
  • Learn How You Can Be More Creative
    Creativity - it's not just for artists. Becoming more creative can be helpful in your leisure time and in your career, no matter what your career might be. Most of us can learn to become more creative by employing a few innovative techniques.
  • Is It Time to Stop Persevering?
    We are often told that to achieve our goals we have to persevere. We have to have faith in our goals, and faith in ourselves that we will reach that goal. Sometimes that is the worst advice we could possibly get.
  • Learn to Overcome Your Rejection Fears!
    Is a fear of being socially rejected holding you hostage? Do you hold back from making new friends because you are sure they wonít like you? You can learn to overcome a fear of rejection. The end result will be worth it.
  • Is Caffeine Really Good For You or Bad For You?
    What is the truth about caffeine? Some studies say that caffeine is bad for you, while others claim that caffeine drinks such as tea and coffee are full of healthy antioxidants. Should you drink more caffeine or give it up altogether?
  • What Can We Do to Preserve a Healthy Brain?
    We all want to reach old age with a healthy body and a healthy brain? What can be done to ensure brain health as we age?
  • How to Keep Your Brain Healthy While You Are Aging
    We all want to have a healthy body and mind when we get older. Many of us are afraid of getting Alzheimer's disease or some other form of dementia that will destroy our brain cells and our ability to think and remember. Can anything be done?
  • Regular Exercise Helps the Aging Brain
    If you want to maintain a healthy brain in old age, regular exercise should be part of your routine.
  • Boost Your Brain Power With Exercise!
    Many of us know we should be exercising for the sake of our bodies. But, did you know that exercise also has proven benefits for your brain? In fact if you want to think more clearly, be sure to include exercise as a regular part of your lifestyle.
  • Do You Need a High IQ to Be a Success?
    Do you have to have a lot of intelligence to be successful? Does your IQ score predict your future success. Learn the truth about the relationship between intelligence and success.
  • Invest in Friendship For Your Later Years
    There's more to living a good life in old age than money. We also need to be investing in our friendships with other people if we want to be happy in our later years. And we need to start making that investment in friendship, starting now!
  • Easy Ways to Improve Your Word Power
    All of us can benefit from an improved vocabulary. To improve our vocabulary, we need to be on the lookout for the new words we encounter. Then we need to have a system to learn the new words and to use them correctly.
  • Vocabulary - Learn How to Use New Words
    All of us could benefit from improving our vocabulary. No matter how many words you already know, there are still hundreds of thousands of new words waiting to be discovered. When you increase your vocabulary, you can improve the way you think.
  • Improve Your Vocabulary
    There are a lot of good reasons why we should try to improve our vocabulary. When we have a good vocabulary, we not only sound smarter, but we are smarter. We can learn more things. We can understand deeper concepts and learn the connections betwe
  • Can You Take a Pill to Overcome Shyness?
    Extreme shyness is a debilitating condition that can ruin your social life and your career. Can taking a simple pill cure severe shyness?
  • How You Can Overcome Severe Shyness
    Many people suffer from extreme shyness, making life a nightmare of loneliness, embarrassment and anxiety. Now there are some effective treatments for shyness.
  • Easy Ways to Read Faster
    If you're like most people, you're short on time and you have a lot of reading that you have to do. Discover some easy ways you can improve your reading speed and free up more time for yourself.
  • How You Can Create Your Own Speed Reading Program at Home
    Are you drowning in a sea of unread papers? Do you feel frustrated because you cannot keep up with your reading assignments? You may have wondered if you should take a speed-reading course. Here's how you can start your own speed reading program.
  • Do You Need To Learn to Be More Friendly?
    Some people have a hard time being open and friendly when they meet other people. You can learn some ways to be more friendly and open in the following article.
  • Is Extreme Shyness Getting In the Way of Your Relationships?
    Some people suffer from shyness that is so severe that it cripples their lives emotionally. What can be done for extreme shyness?
  • Is Shyness Ruling Your Life?
    Most of us are shy occasionally, but if you're very shy, all the time, you have a problem. People who are very shy, miss out on a lot of life. They miss out on relationships, on fun, and on career opportunities. Fortunately, there are treatments.
  • Overcome a Fear of Rejection and Poor Self Esteem
    Everybody gets rejected occasionally by friends or by lovers. Some people are able to bounce back from rejection easily, while others are devasted by rejection and can't get over it. Change the way you think about your self and rejection.
  • Why Self Esteem Is Essential In Making Friends
    It may surprise you to learn that when you have good self esteem you will have better relationships with other people including friends and lovers. Discover why in this article.
  • Are You a Sleep Deprived Zombie?
    Many of us today are getting far too little sleep. We have too many things to do, so we cut back on our hours of sleep. Find out why cutting back on your hours of sleep might be a big mistake.

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