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  • The Popularity Of Standard Metal Braces
    Standard metal braces are quite popular when it comes to orthodontic appliances and are suitable for all kinds of patients and ages. Since they are fixed to the teeth, compliance is never a big issue. Having been around for many years, it means they are highly efficient in restoring the proper alignment of teeth. Conventional braces work by wearing an orthodontic wire and bracket which is held in place using ligatures or a rubber band.
  • The Benefits You Get When You Visit An Orthodontist
    Any person with the need of having serious dental problems solved should opt to visit an orthodontist rather than a general dentist. This is because dentists are more concerned about the general oral health of their patients, while orthodontists are specialized in more problematic straightening and correcting of the teeth and jaw line.
  • An Orthodontist Doesn't Just Treat, He Also Prevents Dental Problems
    As you might already visualize, such situations would mean misplaced dentition which would require more extensive orthodontic treatment. Such extensive treatment can be prevented beforehand through early orthodontic care. A qualified medical professional would be able to gauge the appropriate time to extract baby teeth, which would help proper eruption of permanent teeth.
  • 2 Options That Aren't Advisable When Seeking An Orthodontist
    Orthodontists posses 3 additional years of university training in proper placement of braces, as well as other orthodontic appliances. They have expert training in diagnosis and planning the most appropriate treatment for both adults and children. On the other hand, you can't be confident about the expertise of a dentist to competently handle orthodontic treatments.
  • Financing Braces - Your Options For Getting Treatment
    Once you have established how much you will need to pay from your own pocket, it is important to have a talk with your doctor to discuss how you will pay. Most doctors are flexible and understanding and will be happy to develop a payment plan that you will be able to handle. Normally, you will be required to pay a down payment and then pay the rest of the amount in small monthly installments spread out across the duration of the treatment.
  • The Benefits Of Using Clear Braces
    One of the greatest benefits of these braces is that they can be removed for eating allowing you to consume your food without any limitations. When on traditional braces, some foods could get entangled within the braces wire structure making them tricky to clean. With your clear aligners, so long as you're diligent with oral hygiene in terms of flossing and brushing after every meal, you should encounter no problems.
  • Lingual Braces: The Procedure And After-Care Tips
    For many people, smiling becomes an embarrassment. Others have to resort to covering their mouth with their hand as they speak or smile. This is all because they've got teeth that are extremely crooked or badly misshapen. Recently, the British Lingual Orthodontic Society (BLOS) has published a handy online leaflet highlighting why the invisible dental braces are the new smart way of getting your teeth straightened.
  • Looking Great With Ceramic Braces
    Practicing oral hygiene and maintaining regular health care forms the foundation of keeping not just a sparkling smile but it also gives you a complete smile. During the Dental Health Week of 2014, the Australian Dental Association released statistics which revealed that a big portion of Aussies do forget to get their brushed before bed. The great thing about these ceramic clear braces is that they are easier to clean than metal braces.
  • How Invisible Braces Work
    For lingual braces, the indirect bonding method is used. Here, an exact model of your teeth is developed from trays fitted onto the teeth, photographs and x-rays. The cement (adhesive) is applied to the braces to be inserted, using the mold as an exact representation of your teeth. A set of trays is then used to transfer the braces as they are to the back of the teeth. The process is much faster and more precise.
  • Why You Should Get Lingual Braces For Your Teeth
    You've probably been thinking about getting braces, but are not sure about the way forward. Wires and metal brackets just don't appeal to you, yet you know that braces are certainly a good thing for straightening your teeth and can help in minimizing the risk of your teeth decaying. Most significant, you're tired of having to cover your crooked teeth every time you laugh or try to smile.
  • Using And Taking Care Of Standard Braces
    The brackets make the most noticeable component of your braces apparatus, and it consists of a small metal element bonded to each of your teeth. Every bracket has got a slot via which the archwire runs. This archwire is used in controlling the movement of your teeth, and it is secured to the bracket using an O-ring. The O-rings are minute elastic bands which could be modified specifically for you, with a broad variety of colours to pick from.

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