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Finding the Right Baby Toys for the Right Age Group

     Child rearing is indeed one of the most challenging things that anyone could ever experience. Toddlers below 5 years old have the attention span of a gold fish, and finding the best way to keep them amused is important. Play time is crucial for toddlers because it’s one of the best ways to introduce them to educational concepts and learnings. For every age period, the child develops a certain milestone. The baby toys that should be associated with toddlers must fit with their abilities and interests.
From birth to the child’s 6th month, the infant is still learning to use his senses. Grasping can still be an issue for newborns, but their eyes and ears love to discover many things. Baby toys that emit music and amusing sounds can be ideal for babies that are tinted with highly contrasted and bright hues. Preferred colours would be red, black or white. Just always remember that infants would put anything in their mouths, so the toy should be non-toxic and safe. Also make sure not to leave toys with them, especially those that can be hung around a child’s neck. Some suggestions would include teething toy, cloth toys, animals with safe fabrics, musical toys, chimes, safety mirrors and rattles.
After 6 months, some significant milestones include raising their back and necks, and being able to crawl around. Their motor skills are being developed during this time, so exploring with new toys is a more dynamic way. Ideal toys include those they can easily move along with, drop, open, shut, stack up and bang. These baby toys should fuel their curiosity and build up their physical skills. Toy suggestions include shape sorters, blocks that are safe to use, interlocking keys or rings, musical instruments for kids, stacking toys and dolls.
Bigger toddlers enjoy trying out their physical skills – climbing, jumping, tossing things around – and take pleasure in objects that would entail active play. This is also the stage in which toddlers have excellent finger and hand coordination. Ideal baby toys include push-pull objects, stacking or nesting toys, pop-up items, bathing toys, soft blocks, rattles, squeaky toys, and large picture books.
Toddlers aged 3-6 are now more interested in a wide variety of toys. They use their imagination in playing with their toys, so it’s important to give them objects that can be functional and educational. It’s ideal to expose them to items like puzzles, blocks and shape makers. These objects help improve resourcefulness and imagination of toddlers. Educational toys like magnetic sketch pads and board games for kids are also helpful. Other baby toys suggestions include sporting tools, skates, baby gym equipment, stilts, craft kits, science toys and books.
For further information, you can turn to online shopping sites that contain toy guides and lists. They normally have structured categories to guide buyers in finding the right toy for toddlers of respective age group, and even the most popular ones being sold in the market today. For convenience, online toy shopping can be very ideal especially to those without ample time for actual shopping.

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