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Health is Wealth | Medicare and Supplement Plan

     “Health is Wealth”, a cliché that never diminishes in value to those who truly understand its worth. People, as we age, tend to accumulate material things, establish a career, and create the fulcrum for financial sucess. Health takes a back seat to ambition and the stress of continually achieving more. So overall our health silently and insidiously deteriorates. So at 65 we find ourselves at a stage of retirement with various conditions and maladaies, that now we have time to pay attention. Sadly, it’s only later in our life that we realize the things that truly matter, what we should have done in terms of prevention when we were younger. The feelings of inadequacy when we are grandparents but can’t take care of our grandchildren because of our own diminishing health status.

When we’re seniors the focus is on our health and the issue is we are living on a certain income, that is not going to go up, but is probably going down, and how can we manage our health with limited dollars. It is only then that we realize what should have been done in terms of prevention when we were younger.

Apparently, no matter how much we regret the past, we can no longer take back the time. What we only have is now and the chance to be as healthy as we can be today. But the good news is that medical technology has continually advanced, and we know so much more about health today. Did you know that many conditions, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic diseases, can be reversed?

According to a study in 2013, 3.68 million Americans age 65 and above are already taking regular medications or drugs. But does that really solve the problem? Or it just worsens the risk of side effects and causing more problems than they solve? Does the question “Is this the right medicine?” ever cross your mind?

As people age, our body changes and becomes more susceptible to illnesses. Our cells die and the production on new cells declines, organs fail to function well, bones lose density, and muscles lose strength. tissue. The need for medical assistance increases and drugs dependence is immutable.

We can’t escape from death nor aging. But definitely, we can do something for our health! The money we saved in our younger years would be nothing if we don’t have a medical plan that would certainly help us get the best medical assistance and top of the line doctors that would give us the treatment to arrest the decline or reverse the disease process. We don’t gamble on health nor the chance to take a better life! We all deserve to have the world’s best treatment and one assurance to have that is to have a supplemental health plan that would give you access to the best doctors, the ones who the doctors send their family members to.

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I am a member of National Ethics Association. Click on the link, see my name JEFFREY HINES, and you will see my photo at the bottom of the page wearing the orange and blue shirt, and speaking to a Medicare conference, a seminar teaching those turning 65 about Medicare. MY LICENSE NUMBER IS 10569970, WWW.NIPR.COM.

I will review with you the regulations and law of Medicare, and show you quickly how it works; the benefits of a Supplement Plan; that means you will NEVER HAVE A MEDICAL BILL AGAIN, and have available to you the TOP BEST medical care in the US, at a price that is around $100 to $150 a month!

Your open enrollment period has begun, and there are right now no medical preconditions, no price bump even if you have issues. ​Right now, the lowest price is guaranteed.

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I offer free consultation on all aspects of medicare, health insurance options, and how to get the top best medical care in America for about $100 a month. Contact me today for free consultation: 954 245 2002 or email me at

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