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How Can You Improve The Environment Your Children Grow Up In?

     “Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing.” ~Phyllis Diller, Phyllis Diller’s Housekeeping Hints, 1966

Phyllis Diller certainly had a way with words. However, what she says carries some truth. Before you are finished cleaning up after your children they have already started making the next mess. But that’s healthy; part of growing up is making a mess that someone else will clean up. Before they know it they will be cleaning up after their own children.

As parents we have to make sure the big things are taken care of and that our children have a safe and healthy environment to grow up in. Along that line of thinking you would not leave something out in the open in your home that could hurt your children…or do you? Are you aware of the amount of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and even dust mites and other allergens that are in your home? This does not mean you don’t clean your home well, but it may mean that you are not cleaning it correctly.

When it comes to cleaning your home you want to make sure that the things that can hurt your children or make them ill are taken care of. That includes doing the best you can to eliminate bacteria, allergens, mold, mildew, viruses and germs while cleaning your home. It also means not introducing anything while you are cleaning that could hurt them, such as, chemical-based cleaners. Is there a more effective way to clean your home than with chemical-based cleaners while still eliminating the most germs, allergens, viruses, mold and mildew as possible? Most definately, try cleaning with a steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners use only water that is heated to 212 and higher; F creating a steam vapor that can get into more cracks and crevices than chemical-based cleaners and, as a result, clean, sanitize and disinfect more thoroughly than chemical-based cleaners. And steam cleaners do not leave any residue behind like chemical-based cleaners that could irritate your skin and cause allergic reactions. Since there is no residue with a steam cleaner surfaces tend to stay cleaner longer.

Most viruses, germs and allergens, like dust mites, found in the home will be eliminated by the heat generated by a steam cleaner. Have you ever noticed that you or your family may feel fine during the day but when you go to bed at night you begin to exhibit allergy symptoms like a stuffy nose and sometimes sneezing and red, watery eyes. That could be because the average mattress has anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites in them. Pillows also have a very large number of dust mites. Cleaning your mattresses and even pillows using a steam cleaner can help relieve your allergy symptoms by reducing the amount of dust mites in them.

So make sure you keep your home safe and clean for your kids. If you make sure they are able to grow and play in a safe and healthy environment, they will most likely do the same for their kids when they have children.

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Barry Hall has worked with steam cleaners for more than 10 years and has experienced the benefits of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing your home or business with a steam cleaner. Incorporating a steam cleaner into your cleaning routine helps eliminate germs, allergens, bacteria, mold and mildew while eliminating bed bugs and fleas. Please visit for more information.

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