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How Storm Water Management Works

     Every time we experience excessive rainfall we get on a high alert for they are accompanied by disastrous happenings. Floods mad slides disease outbreaks and the destruction of the crops in the fields. The latter is more catastrophic for it leads to food shortage. This is a threat to human survival for this is a basic commodity. The storm water management is a method of countering this disaster.

It is a process of controlling the blizzard runoff before it causes damage to us. The storm runoff occurs when generally there is no absorption by the ground because of varying reasons. These will however require to be drained appropriately and where possible be put into proper use. This water requires to be treated to avert the danger of it contaminating other major sources.

The water will normally get contaminated with chemicals from the fields industrial waste and debris along the way. The danger of discharging these before it is treated can be hazardous to the consumer. The blizzard runoff management aims to contain the effects of this excesses while maintaining its quality.

This process helps to protect the environment by preventing these pollutants from finding their way into the underground sources and other bodies like rivers and streams. These are known to hold marine life which could be put at risk if contaminated water is allowed to flow directly into them. The excesses also causes them to erode distorting the river course. Most cases of rivers breaking their river banks are as result of this runoff.

The construction of retention ponds to treat polluted blizzard runoff is an effective method that is used the world over to counter this disaster. Though there are man made solutions towards these problems human activity has also been cited as a major contributor of this menace. The lack of proper guidelines in the construction industry and poor drainage systems are known to contribute a lot towards storm runoff rising above controllable levels.

The construction of large portions of impervious surfaces like roads runways parking lots aggravates the conditions in the urban areas. This explains why floods are common occurrences in major cities in the world. The trapped runoff should be treated and released in controlled rate to the consumers as this helps to create more room for storage incase the need arises again to trap the excess runoff.

The construction of sustainable pavements and the use of underground retention tanks has been effectively used in certain cities to curb the effects of runoffs. The control of soil erosion is also a good method of helping to contain the runoff that would otherwise find its way into the rivers. Soil absorbs a lot of it and this helps pollutants that are found in the farms from reaching the water sources thus contaminating them too.

The cost of storm water management is meager compared to the damage that this runoff is capable of causing. These could range from loss of usable land and the capital cost of repair on the destroyed infrastructure. Proper planning is the solution to these problems.

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