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How to Fix Internet Explorer Errors

     Windows’ default browser has been a favourite target of viruses, trojans, and malware. If your computer is experiencing unexpected slow down and Internet Explorer or “IE” is the likely culprit, here are some remedies to get you out of that slump.
Note: Some issues that you are experiencing may appear in other forms. Please feel free to apply the closest possible fix or fixes below.
Issue # 1: “Iexplore.exe” is missing
Scenario: After clicking your usual iexplore.exe shortcuts (e.g. Start Menu, Desktop), your computer cannot find the iexplore.exe location.
Find iexplore.exe on your computer. Go to Start > Search Programs and Files (or on your keyboard, press F3)
Locate iexplore.exe using the search tool
Once found, create a copy of iexplore.exe
Go to C:Program FilesInternet Explorer and paste the file to the rightful iexplore.exe location.
Fire up your iexplore.exe shortcuts again
Issue #2: Iexplore.exe application error (followed by various error codes)
Scenario: Whenever you attempt to launch iexplore.exe, Windows encounters an exception error. Iexplore.exe then fails to launch.
Solution #1:
Open the Start Menu and go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools
Click on Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)
Go to Run Programs
In iexplore.exe, click on Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab > Manage add-ons
Disable add-ons that are not from Microsoft Corporation
Close iexplore.exe and re-open it normally
Solution #2:
Alternatively, you may access iexplore.exe via command prompt:
Type cmd and press Enter
In the command prompt window, type cd c:Program FilesInternet Explorer
Type iexplore.exe –extoff and press Enter (this is one of the iexplore.exe switches meant to disable add-ons)
In iexplore.exe, click on Tools > Internet Options > Programs tab > Manage add-ons
Disable add-ons that are not from Microsoft Corporation
Close iexplore.exe and re-open it normally
Solution #3: Reset iexplore.exe settings (applies to Windows 8/8.1 users only)
Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab
Click Reset
Once the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box opens, click Reset
After iexplore.exe is done reverting back to its default settings, click Close then click OK
Close iexplore.exe and re-open it normally
Issue # 3: Iexplore.exe is not responding
Scenario: Whenever you open a new window or tab and navigate to a certain site, iexplore.exe freezes up
Open the Task Manager
– Press “CTRL + ALT + DELETE then click Start Task Manager” or
– Press “CTRL + SHIFT + ESC “to immediately launch Task Manager
Go to the Processes tab
Look for processes named “iexplore.exe *32” that are consuming a high number of memory
Select on each process. Then click End Process.
Issue # 4: Iexplore.exe running in the background but no IE is opened
Scenario: iexplore.exe is using high cpu allocation but no instance of IE can be seen. This may be causing your browser or your computer to crash regularly or respond very slowly.
Open the Task Manager (please use the shortcuts found in the previous steps)
Go to the Processes tab
Look for processes named iexplore.exe *32 that are consuming a high number of memory
Instead of clicking End Process, right click the select End Process Tree
Note: Iexplore.exe is technically not a virus. However, an iexplore.exe virus or malware might have found itself in your computer and is disguising as the actual browser itself.
If such as is the case, the workarounds mentioned earlier might just work temporarily (or worse, not at all) as this iexplore.exe virus 2014 have possibly embedded itself in your system’s registry.
A more robust iexplore.exe virus removal is still possible through the use of an iexplore.exe virus removal tool or a free registry cleaner. This can greatly help you in providing a more permanent solution in your iexplore.exe woes (and in your other software with similar issues), without the need for a fresh install of IE or Windows.
There is no need to be in constant panic mode whenever the de facto Windows browser is not having a good day. You can easily overcome whatever temper tantrum it throws at you with a few simple clicks and tricks up your sleeve.

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