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How To Use And Repair Loose Or Broken Dentures For First Time Users

     It is not easy to wear and adapt to dentures for the first time users. Eating, chewing or talking can b a nightmare when you have gaps in the mouth. However, because nobody likes the site of missing teeth and the effect it has on their smiles, they have no option but to adapt. A denture helps in making life easier and involves the replacement of teeth to eliminate the gap the missing tooth has left to enhance the wearer’s ability to chew and speak with ease.

They are removable; hence prone to accidents. Luckily, repairing them is not as difficult as most people imagine. In this article, we detail the different denture types, the process of getting used to them, and what should happen in case the denture breaks.

Denture Types

There are two denture types namely partial and complete. Both are prone to damage at some point; hence, require high-quality repairs. The difference between the two is that a partial denture replace only a few missing teeth while a complete denture replace all the natural teeth in the mouth. People with healthy natural teeth require a partial denture and those with only a few healthy teeth should opt for complete one.

A complete denture is of two kinds. A patient gets a conventional complete denture after the gums have healed completely after the extraction of their natural teeth. Depending on the individual, the healing can last up to a month. Immediate complete denture happens immediately after tooth extraction and allows the person to enjoy a full set of new teeth without having to wait for weeks. The downside of immediate complete denture is that the gum shrinks during the healing process resulting in several sizing corrections.

A partial denture is supported by a metal frame which sits on the patients’ surrounding natural teeth. They can fill the gap and stop other teeth from moving or repositioning. Regardless of the type of denture you want, you must repair in the case of cracking, dropping or whatever kind of damage.

How To Get Used To Using A Denture

Many people feel awkward wearing a denture, especially first timers. They associate the awkwardness to damages and lack of repairs, but the actual discomfort is due to them being new or ill-fitting. Your tongue can also feel restricted and sore due to rubbing against the denture. Therefore, a person must wear them for some time to allow the mouth muscles to get used to holding it in place.

Repairing A Broken Denture

Many users can damage a denture accidentally in the first few days of use leading to repairs. Some of them drop them when removing them which results in the teeth snapping off, chipping, or cracking. Denture damage is a common occurrence given that they are essential components in our daily life. Hence, users should contact a good repair service before they damage them completely. When you have an emergency repair number, it lessens the lengthy periods it takes while waiting for the repairs. A visit to the dentist is critical for denture wearers. The dentist will examine your mouth to ensure that the remaining teeth if any and gums are healthy.

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