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How to Wash and Care For a Flannel Topper

     You have your beautiful flannel topper you have purchased but it has come time to wash it… now what. We are going to take your concerns away and show you step by step on how to wash and then store your flannel topper for the winter. Washing flannel can be a scary experiment, you do not want to shrink it or lose the softness of the sheets, and we understand. The worse fear is the husband having an excuse to throw out the flannel sheets because they have lost the one benefit to him. The woman know how important these sheets are to a good night’s sleep in the dead of winter, and we will let you know how to care of these beautiful sheets. Here is the step by step guide on how to wash your flannel sheets, and then some hints on how to properly store those amazing sheets.
Step One
Separate your sheets into whites and colors. This may seem very simplified, but the last thing you want is your daughters red blanket bleeding into the white flannel sheets. Plus, if you have beautiful white flannel sheets and you wash them with the colors they can come out a little bit less white, if you know what I mean.
Step Two
If you are insistent on using any temperature beside cold, use warm to wash the flannel. Although many manufactures suggest using cold, you can get away with warm. This will best prevent any fading of the dye. Also, use a mild detergent as those detergents are going to be the key on how soft your flannel sheets continue to be wash after wash.
Step Three
Wash the whites separate from the darks. Yes we know you like to cheat and mix them together but do not! If you wish to bleach your white flannel sheets try to use a natural bleach such as vinegar or lemon juice mixed with water. If you must use a bleach, please use an oxygen based bleach to keep the softness.
Step Four
Be careful on how much detergent you use in this wash cycle. Flannel sheets do not need much detergent and if you use extra it is only going to take extra rinses to get it out, rather than get it cleaner. Keep it simple, and half your normal amount and you should be good.
Step Five
It is colors time! Now with the colors you are not going to change a thing. Set the temperature of the water to cold, or if you insist on the male classic cleaning temperature of warm. As my father says “you cannot get angry if I wash it at warm, it is neither hot nor cold.” Make sure to use less detergent then you normally do as you will waste time in rinsing out the excess detergent.
Step Six
Hang them out to dry, yes if you have that weird thing in your backyard called a clothesline use it. Air drying your flannel sheets will do wonders to the sheets. Not only does the sun act as a natural refresher, but the sheets will be softer than normal. Of course this is only advisable in the summer months as no one likes dealing with a frozen piece of flannel as you try to air dry in -34 in a 20 mile per hour mind. But, in the summer who does not enjoy the freshness of air dried sheets on the bed.
Step Seven
If it is a little colder outside, or you simply do not have a clothesline then for sure toss your sheets in the dryer. We do strongly suggest that you utilize that low heat setting to keep your flannel sheets nice and soft. Any higher and you will start getting coarse flannel sheets which no one enjoys except mid 17th century army soldiers and even they did not really enjoy them. As well, I strongly suggest a dryer sheet to keep that freshness. As well, you will notice a large amount of lint, that is normal and do not be concerned, but do make sure to clear that out as no one wants a lint fire in their laundry room.

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