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Kombat Against Killers

     There is a silent war being waged in the natural health world. The battle is between those who are genuinely interested in helping people to improve their health mentally as well as physically and those who are just pushing products without actual research or even a historical tradition of use. Just because a company’s marketing tells you a product is safe and effective doesn’t make it so.
The foremost rule in healing is, “first do no harm.” Unfortunately, deceitful marketing propaganda easily convinces innocent people that harmful products manufactured by the company are harmless. As a result, people who are trying to heal themselves get hurt even worse than their previous situations and sometimes even face death.

For example, let’s take MMS, a solution of 28% sodium chlorite that degrades into chlorine dioxide, MMS’s foremost proponent. People in the day-to-day life have been concerned for years about the effects of adding chlorine to municipal water supplies. There is some research showing that it interferes with iodine absorption and causes thyroid issues which is quite harmful, even in the very dilute doses used. Yet proponents of MMS advocate ingesting much higher doses than the doses which should be used in city water supplies.
Consumption of Chlorine dioxide is identical to ingesting bleach, effects of which include nausea, vomiting and sometimes, even death. Yet Humble has convinced a handful of passionate marketers and alternative practitioners that MMS will cure everything from malaria to cancer, all without a shred of evidence. This is just one of those many examples of products that exist and are being marketed by passionate proponents without any of real historical or scientific evidence to back up their safety or effectiveness. The sad thing about this is that it makes the whole natural health industry look bad in vision of reputable scientists and medical professionals as well as informed people in the general public.

Step 1. Watch Out for Pseudoscience
A common technique which is used by those who are deceiving people, and copied by those that don’t know it in such better as the professionals do, is to extrapolate internal use from petri dish studies. Chlorine dioxide kills viruses and bacteria in petri dishes, as do many essential oils. This does not mean that the product will kill viruses and bacteria when taken internally, at least not in doses safe for human consumption.
To prove this point all you need to do is look at a substance that does a wonderful job of killing bacteria and viruses in petri dishes—alcohol. If you apply the same logic to alcohol as proponents of MMS and those that advocate the internal use of essential oils do, then getting drunk would kill infectious bacteria and viruses. You see, the body is just not as simple as that.

Step 2. Be Cautious with Testimonials
The people that dare to question the marketing babble for some products are then pointed towards testimonials, most of which are written by the marketers. What’s important here is to understand the difference between clinical research and testimonials. Herbal medicine is filled with clinical research, where numerous herbalists, often over generations, test and refine their understanding of remedies. This research is being done by people whose goal is to help people heal, not just to sell a product.
Most people do not understand how powerful the mind (and therefore the placebo response) is. Every new remedy people put out into the marketplace is going to have someone get better by taking it, even if it’s mercury, dirt, urine, or a sugar pill. This does not mean it will work for everyone, or even a majority of the people who try it. Nor does it mean it’s safe. Just because you didn’t immediately die from ingesting bleach doesn’t mean it won’t have long-term harmful effects, and it doesn’t mean that the next person that tries it won’t die.

Step 3. Evaluate “Expert” Information
If pseudoscience, testimonials and conspiracies haven’t swayed you yet, you might be off the hook. However, the most unscrupulous of people will now turn to intentional deceit. Many times, you’re directed to videos showing miraculous results where “officials” often times portrayed as doctors, voice their support.
In the case of MMS there is even a “documentary” filmed in Africa showing local doctors using MMS on people and then showing the “results” proving it cures malaria. The film, while well made, has been shown to be a fake.

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