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Lash Serums and Other Model Beauty Tricks

     While we kid ourselves that models only appear great in magazines because they get the Photoshop treatment, it’s not unexpected to come across them in paparazzi photos looking just as splendid. Yes, they may be “born with it”, but they do understand a few tricks to keep looking good with or without makeup. Being gorgeous doesn’t mean they are not immune to to unexpected under eye circles, bad hair days, overplucked brows and acne mere mortals like us go through. Here are beauty routines and products that your average cover girl swears by:.

Tea tree oil solutions
We never considered it was possible for even a number of models to have bad skin, but they do. Those who say they even have supersensitive skin use tea tree oil products similar to scrubs and masks to calm facial allergies. Tea tree oil elements are all-natural antiseptics that are also recognized antidotes for acne. If you feel one coming on, just rub on the affected area overnight to diminish breakouts the next day.

While it may sound clichÃ��Ã�©, drinking a lot of fluids is one way to disguise the effects of insufficient sleep. Being sleep deprived is just one of the leading causes of premature aging. It makes skin appear dry and dull. Models are often seen with a bottle of mineral water on hand because not only is it excellent for drinking, it’s also used in a spritz bottle as a mist spray to keep a young dewy complexion.

Lash Serums
You’ll never worry about overplucking again if you use this well kept model secret. Lash serums not only give longer fuller lashes by enhancing your own lashes, but it deals with thin eyebrows too. Models keep eyelash growth serums as beauty staples because it makes eyes pop even without makeup. Make sure to pick a product with natural ingredients.

Beauty Sleep
If people just put in the time to get at minimum three days straight of good sleep, you’d see more people appearing like the very best versions of themselves. Models understand this all too well and invest in getting the rest they need if they would like to keep looking good enough to book another job. One trick they do is to sleep with a beauty treatment mask on. No wonder they look so glowing all the time.

Having an Interesting Life
Yes, they have brains too. Successful models, called “super”models are also moms, chefs, writers and enjoy full lives like other multihyphenates. Models like Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks and Christy Turlington look a lot more engaging juggling careers with family, businesses and causes. Nothing makes a person look more attractive than the glow of achievement.

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Rachel Levy is a beauty analyst and writer. This month she will be reviewing and analyzing eyelash serum,eyelash growth products, false eyelashes, eyelash growth, eyelash glue, eyelash curler, and more!! To find out more about SkyHigh Lashes by KALISI, Visit Amazon Here: KALISI SkyHigh Lashes

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