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Major Causes of Corporate Pollution

     Across many different industries, business owners are continually faced with business choices that will affect their bottom line and the environment. Throughout history, some companies have made choices that have had a negative impact on the environment and people who live near their manufacturing plants or use their products.

Each country around the world has their own policies to help them regulate corporate choices that affect the health of its people and also monitor products and asses the consumer products that are sold on their markets. Despite the efforts of governments to protect their citizens and the environment, accidental and purposeful corporate pollution still occurs. These are some of ways corporations have had negative impacts on the environment in the past.

One of the most dangerous pollutants introduced into the environment is pesticides used by corporate farms. Over the past century, scientists developed a number of chemicals that could be applied to plants to prevent damage from bugs and other plant diseases. While many of them were effective at keeping the plants healthy, they had a huge negative impact on the consumers who ate the food grown with these pesticides and also contaminated ground water near the farms because of chemical run off. Some of these chemicals have been associated with a number of diseases including cancer. Many of these pesticides have been banned but there is still controversy about the chemicals that are in use today across the United States. The dangers of pesticides have led to the growth of the organic food movement. Consumer demand for products made with organic ingredients is rapidly on the rise.

Another major source or corporate pollution is toxic waste disposal. The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, has created strict regulations for companies to follow when they are disposing of toxic waste. The proper disposal of this type of waste can be extremely costly so some companies have knowingly cut corners and caused major contamination to neighborhoods across the United States. Many of these cases have led to hundreds of deaths and illnesses and resulted in major legal settlements for the companies at fault. Dumping or burying toxic waste improperly can cause a number of concerns. One of the major problems is ground water contamination. When chemicals seep into the ground because of improper storage, the chemicals combine with water and eventually make their way into lakes, rivers, streams, and under water reservoirs.

Energy and other manufacturing plants have also been a source of corporate pollution. Nearly every business releases some level of pollution into the air, especially businesses that use fossil fuel or coal as their main energy sources. Large amounts of smog can be found around these types of businesses. Some governments are requiring companies to convert to cleaner forms of energy in their manufacturing. Also, extracting, transporting, and processing, fossil fuels and coal, have led to a number of accidents that have had a major negative impact on the environment. Oil spills and runoff from coal mines have had major negative consequences on natural environments, human lives, and in many cases the economies of the areas surrounding the accident sites.

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Written by Lawrence Reaves for Beacon Hill – a wholesale insurance broker and program administrator focusing on specialty insurance related to the environment and pollution.

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