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Divination is a term that serves as a sweeping generalization for a number of different psychic disciplines. It is generally attributed to the psychic arts that involve looking into the future. One common misperception of many of these arts is that notion that those practicing them can predict the future. While much television, books and movies may lead us to believe this is true, most practitioners of divination use their skills to help guide instead of predict. By digging into their respective arts, the medium can provide snapshots of what might occur or warning about specific paths. While this isn’t quite as glamorous as Hollywood would like to believe, many people have found a life long source of encouragement and advice from the arts of divination.

One of the oldest, and probably most popular, forms of divination is astrology. This ancient art of divination is the study of the stars, planets and celestial beings. Astrologers have the ability to observe the systematic patterns of how these beings move through the sky and the effect that these movements have on those born under specific signs. The key to understanding how the celestial movements affect you is your birth sign. The twelve signs of the zodiac define who you are and how the placement of the stars affects everything from your mood, to your temperament, to your good fortune.

Another means of divination is the reading of Runes. There are several variations of runes, but it essentially refers the interpretation of an ancient Germanic alphabet. Each character and sound in the alphabet carries a specific spiritual meaning. By developing a formula based upon your letters, readers can begin to glean hints about certain specific questions. This Norse tradition is a classic means of divination that many find to be useful in interpreting some of the confounding decisions that are presented to us in this life.

The reading of Tarot cards is a very popular method of divination in Western Culture. It has reached a level of popularity that hasn’t been seen by very many, if any, other forms of divination. This pop culture phenomenon is best known for its character cards, which are turned over in front of the one seeking guidance. Each character carries a unique and special meaning. While some are very specific, others require interpretation in order to be applied to real life. It is for this reason that it is recommended that you have your cards read by a real psychic and not at a slumber party by someone who may not know just what they are looking at.

Palm reading is another form of divination that is fairly common in Western pop culture. Often associated with guidance about love and romance, palm reading is based upon the natural folds and lines in the palm of a person’s hand. The medium will have studied what the length of different lines means. The way that they intersect is also an important feature to pay attention too. Like any other form of divination, it is important to remember that these readings are to be used as a guide and not necessarily as gospel truth. You always have a choice; the reading may just help give you an idea of which way to go.

Numerology is another form of divination. Though not as popular as some of the others, it is one that appeals to those who prefer a little more order and logic to light their way. Numerology is based upon a number that is wholly determined by you. A combination of your name and your birthday is used to create a unique number that defines who you are. This number then, is placed in conjunction with a numerology chart to help you understand events and to help guide you in the decisions that you make on a day to day basis.

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Marissa Valentin is owner and webmaster of a top rated free psychic readings resource website. You will be amazed the psychics and psychic readings

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