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Reduce Local Landfills with Eco-friendly Junk Bin Rental

     Most people don’t give too much thought about where their junk goes after they toss it in their junk bin rental. After all, the process is very simple. You toss your old junk into the bin, and someone else hauls it away; “out of sight, out of mind”. You may even get some satisfaction tossing your old things into the bin and watching them shatter as you literally feel the space in your home freeing up. But there are certain consequences to different types of junk removal.

You should always opt for a company that offers eco-friendly junk bin rental because it reduces the amount of waste that ends up in your local landfill. In spite of what “small” effect you think all of your junk might have on the landfill, every little bit does make a difference. There are several ways an eco-friendly junk bin rental company can help to reduce the waste that ends up in our landfills:

1. Recycling – These days most people realize that they can recycle items like paper, plastic, and glass, but there is so much more to recycling now. You may even have a recycling bin at your home, but you might not link that bin with other household items you want to get rid of. A good junk bin rental company will sort through all of items in the bin, pulling out the bits that can be recycled; not just the paper, plastic, and glass. Electronics can and should be recycled. Metal should be recycled. Almost anything can be recycled these days, and a responsible company will take care of this, no matter what kind of non-hazardous waste you toss in your junk bin.

2. Trash compacting – In the case of items that can’t be recycled, the next best thing is compacting. Just think about how much more space those aluminum cans take up before you crush them. A compactor can crush them down to less than half their size, and the same is true with larger items. A great way to cut down on the size of your landfill is to reduce the size of the garbage that you actually take there.

3. Proper disposal of hazardous waste – Another integral part of clearing your house of waste is disposing of old chemicals like cleansers, paint, motor oil etc. Most junk bin rental companies will not allow you to include these chemicals because they do require special treatment to make sure that they don’t leach into the soil and harm plant or animal life. When in doubt, ask the company you are renting from what you are allowed to put inside the bin. This will help protect the environment and make life easier for you.

You can also take other steps to reduce what gets put into the landfill by changing how you handle your daily trash. Composting is a great way to not only reduce landfill waste, but also create very rich, fertile soil to use in your garden. If you can’t or don’t want to compost, check with your waste management company to see if they have special collection for organic materials. Every little bit helps and we should all make use of the services that are available to us to minimize what is diverted to our local landfill.

Renting a garbage bin is a great way to de-clutter your home while also avoiding all the hassles that go along with going back and forth to the dump. Most cities and municipalities have restrictions on curbside pickup, especially when it comes to electronics, and the lines at the local facilities can be quite long. By renting a bin, you’ll save yourself a lot of the time and aggravation and know that you are doing your part in reducing and recycling your waste.

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