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Should You Buy Gun Toys for Kids?

     Toys are essential tools in the development of a child. It is important to have age-appropriate toys because it helps in the formation of their identities, personalities and teaches them about the world they live in. Eventually, the skills that they develop through playing will be carried on through their adult-life so it’s important for parents to help develop these skills at a young age. However, many parents have posed a concern regarding the use of certain kids toys that they feel may trigger aggression or violence in their children, such as toy guns.

But before making a conclusion, it may be worth your while to read on, and then decide afterwards whether or not you should buy gun toys for kids.


Boys and girls play differently from each other, and this behavior is already manifested as young as age 2 or 3. In general, boys are more aggressive and will be more inclined to play with “monsters,” for example, while girls are more likely to be engaged with dolls or games involving family. But despite of this, there is really no scientific evidence that proves that gunplay in children leads to real-life aggression, so to conclude right away that gun toys will make a child violent has no scientific basis.


Playing helps the child in many aspects of development, including having a feel of “real-life” experiences. As parents, you can provide avenues for learning through imaginary games, or role playing, even if it involves toy guns. Instead of seeing it as a violent tool that promotes aggression, you can teach your child how to control his desires, or be a “hero” rather than seeing its negative side. Talk with your kids about toy guns by asking open-ended questions like “what are you doing because it sure looks like fun?” to see what your child is really thinking or feeling.

Exposing your children to violence on TV or video games should be more of a concern than gun play, so limit, or avoid altogether your child’s exposure to these. Experts believe that repeated exposure to violence in the media might cause children to be anxious, or restless, especially in younger children.

Set rules when it comes to gun play so that your child knows his limits and boundaries. If your child wants a toy gun, let him have it, but be sure that your monitor how much time he spends with it. Some parents may notice that the more they suppress their child’s yearning for something, the more that their child will want it, so if you relax on the rules about playing with toy guns, you’ll soon find your child wanting to play with something else.

There is nothing better than teaching your child the proper and safe way to handle guns, especially if the parents do own a real gun. This way, the child will realize the responsibility that comes with it, but of course, this should be done at the right time and age. And parents must always be approachable to answer whatever questions they may have.

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