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Surprising Eco Holidays – Tenerife

     It has an image of package holidays, a rowdy nightlife and last minute bargains to fill the large hotels in man-made resorts, but the image of Tenerife for many and the reality are two different things.

Far from being a mecca for teenagers on their first holiday without their parents, the island is increasingly become a destination for those who like their holidays to be green, and the environmentally aware tourist is just as likely to be looking at what the weather in Tenerife is like as those after a last minute bargain where anywhere will do.

The clue as to why it has a poor image for some but is a delight to others is beacuse there are two distinct parts, although both have the same renowned weather in Tenerife the south is made up of holiday resorts, while the north has forests and is largely undeveloped with traditional villages still there.

The authorities have actively pushed a green agenda for tourism, seeing it as a future market that will help Tenerife maintain her position as one of Europe’s leading holiday destinations, and has just won an environment award from the UK’s Independent Travel Association.

In the past the national parks weren’t seen as a particular tourist magnet – but with the parks covering half of Tenerife it is now as the niche market of green holidays edges towards mainstream, showing that it’s not just the weather in Tenerife that can appeal to Europeans.

For 2012 there is the opening of some trails which will allow hikers to explore the volcanos that the island is famous for, a good example of how Tenerife is using its natural beauty to become part of sustainable tourists which will bring in more visitors, in this case walkers and hikers who appreciate green holidays.

And where could the hikers, bikers and others who love exploring what the world has to offer stay? Surely not in a high rise hotel – that could defeat the whole objective of going on a low carbon environmentally friendly trip, especially as they would have flown to one of Tenerife’s two airports to reach their green destination?

The answer is to stay in a unique village of carbon free homes, which was created by the Institute for Technology and Renewable Energy, and for transport there are tram services that run between the capital Santa Cruz and La Laguna.

The best known volcano which is also a national park is Mounte Teide, and it is here that many of the walkers and hikers head for, but with the rise in green tourism other peaks and areas of Tenerife are opening up and becoming more accessible, and better known to those who want to explore the island and its natural habitat.

Mount Teide is in fact the world’s third largest volcano, and those wishing to visit the summit should be aware that they will need a permit to do so – it’s free but the reason for the restriction is that with over two million visitors a year, erosion caused by visitors would be quick and extensive. Further protection to the area around the volcano includes for example the prohibition of all except officially snactioned 4×4’s.

The climb itself is relatively easy and takes around five hours. In the summer months it’s recommended to set off before dawn due to the hot weather in Tenerife, and this has the additional bonus of being able to see the sun rise. For UK visitors Mount Teide is a little higher than Ben Nevis if they want to draw comparisons, and if they are used to hillwalking they shouldn’t find climbing Mount Teide too difficult.

But what about those who like a traditional laid-back holiday by the pool, can they go green in Tenerife as well?

The answer is yes, they can help if they’re concerned about the environment and climate change. The answer is to rent a villa that has solar panels installed that will heat the swimming pool and supply hot water as well.

Just by doing this it will help to reduce your vacation carbon footprint.

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