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The 2015 Grammy Awards and Satanic Occult Symbolism

     The recent Grammy awards held in Los Angeles, California at the Staples Centre did not fall short of the anticipated displays of satanic occult symbolism paraphernalia as was seen in previous years during the ceremony. Some of it was blatant in-your-face symbolism while other displays were hidden. Above all, when you know what it means you’ll understand that intent was the name of the game.

The ceremony opened with AC / DC, known for their occult connections. One of their songs performed was “Highway to Hell” while some members of the audience including Kate Perry could be seen wearing red horns..!

On the subject of horns later in the show we watched Madonna perform “Living for Love.” I found the whole thing quite disturbing. While performing, Madonna was dressed in black and red. These colours typically symbolise Satanism in that black gives off no light while red is the lowest colour in the chakra system.

The guys surrounding her dressed in black wore horns, symbolizing and relating to the occult ‘Horns of Moloch.’ The song ended in what looked like a dark ritual…

As shown on the logo one of the recurring features in this Grammy was the colour purple. Kate Perry had purple hair while a presenter purple lipstick. Ushers wore purple suits… then there was the adorning lighting which was the same colour. This was not coincidence as I will explain.

Significantly, Gwyneth Paltrow wore a red dress and ll cool j a blue suit. In the occult red and blue represents the pillars symbolizing the 2 different sides. Combine both pillars (red and blue) and you get purple. Purple thus represents the combining of opposites Baphomet or, the bringing together of man and machine transhumanism… iron and clay the serpent’s seed…

The fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and ll cool j are black and white people this also suggests the symbolising of opposites.

To complete the Hegelian dialectic; the ceremony that opened with “Highway to Hell” ends in Beyonce apparently singing a gospel song: Through the disguise it was said that she sang about the god Satan! Like I said earlier, hidden intent is the name of the game.

The stage’s platform was designed as the Masonic checkerboard. Including Beyonce we see Masonic hand gestures. Beyonce make a Masonic sign for the Masons letting them know that Lucifer is watching…

Don’t get me wrong here there are many good people who are Freemasons, but most have no idea what’s really going on with regards to the occult practices carried out at the top of their hierarchical tree.

We see more Masonic gestures and the guys that follow sing about the coming of a spiritual physical war and how glorious the victory will be…

-The massage to all this is loud and clear.

Wake up people!

As well as other sectors those controlling the music industry openly display their occult symbolism as insignia to let us know who they are, that they’re into occult worship with the satanic philosophy.

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