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The Comic Book Universe

     In the comic book world, it is not easy to find a single character which is as iconic, as well known, and as popular as Superman. His status has come to the stage that DC Comics, the company that publishes his monthly titles, has developed his abilities through the years and revisions and several variants of his character. Most of them have followed the exact same general archetype established by the original Superman, which will be that of a good and lawful superhero. However there have been blacker character versions that, unlike the good variant, introduced a threat to mankind. Arguably, the most dangerous of these ” ” variants that are bad is the one known as Superboy-Prime.. …. ..

To understand Superboy Prime ‘s rise as his following fall and a hero to become “the most dangerous individual the universe has ever known, ” it’s necessary to first investigate how he came into the DC Comics universe. Initially, Superboy-Prime was the only superhero on Earth Prime, one of many alternative variations of Earth that existed in the world of DC Comics. In accordance with the storyline, all the alternate Earths had to be eliminated to preserve one. By the end of that cataclysmic series of events, Superboy Prime, as well as Earth Prime ‘s Lex Luthor and Kal El, yet another alternate version of Superman, willingly confined themselves to a nirvana -like dimension to save the universe. However, trapped in a isolated kingdom with nothing but memories of his old world his thoughts became warped. With prompting from your Lex Luthor Superboy Prime resolved to correct the blunder he made and finally broke free. To put it differently, he was intent on returning the existence of Earth-Prime, a target he could attain only by destroying the current Earth.. …. ..

In his thoughts, the Earth had to be ruined by all means and was greatly flawed. He saw heroes and villains but somehow he couldn’t distinguish between the two, and, as a result, both sides were treated by him as enemies. As the only genuine hero, Superboy-Prime considered himself in his skewed black and white perspective of morality in the present universe. Yet, as the “Superboy” over not having earned the name he felt an intense amount of status anxiety “Superman” His goal of restoring Earth-Prime ties into this feeling, since by erasing the present universe, he also erases the various other versions of Superman in it. This event would finally leave him. By removing any version of himself he expected to alleviate his status anxiety as being better than he is that he views.

Superboy Prime additionally displayed some signs of performance anxiety. For all his great power, he seems emotionally incapable of attaining exactly the same things the present universe ‘s Superman has done. In his head, he believed that he cannot hope to gain the level achieved by the epic versions of Superman that he has struck. He also doubted his skill to match up to the amount of the present universe’s Superboy. This operation stress, nevertheless, had worsened into rage and disdain for all of the alternative versions of Superboy.

His raw, godlike power also led to the development of status anxiety since he believed that he deserved the name of “Superman” by virtue of his superhuman skills alone. He defeated the current universe’s Superboy in combat, killing him in their second battle and breaking his arm in one meeting. Despite her being twice as strong as ordinary during the conflict he easily conquered Powergirl in conflict. The only hero revealed to be consistently more powerful as opposed to present Superman, Supergirl, was also defeated easily by Superboy Prime. In the end, it required the combined efforts of two variants of Superman, the present one and the Kal El version, to defeat him in battle. This effort would not have been possible with no sacrifice of Kal-El and the radiation of a red sun, which drained Prime of his powers. Additionally, he managed to overcome several Green Lanterns consecutively, a feat that the current Superman believes is not possible for him to do. Unlike his contemporaries, no known kind of Kryptonite has an impact on him, and magic has no effect on him. He has proven impossible to command in this type of fashion, adding yet another edge over his fellow Kryptonians while his mind is exposed to telepathic assault. His status stress has solidified, as he believes his power alone should be enough to give him the area of being a true “Superman”

Superboy Prime is an appealing mixture of an increasingly complicated scenario as seen through an excessively simplistic lens. This, combined with his lack of maturity or guidance due to having grown up in an isolated ” paradise, ” have left him with little capacity to see the complicated moral framework his contemporaries have come to comprehend and work with. Also, as some heroes have described him, he has seemingly lost the ability to care about the innocent lives in the universe that is current and has become increasingly dark.

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