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The Crucial Flossing Guide

     We are born with 32 gems. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean precious stones, diamonds, and other expensive jewels! Instead, we are talking about teeth. Yes! Your teeth play a very important role in helping you lead a happy life. All the food that you eat is chewed by your teeth. Additionally, digestion begins in the mouth when the teeth start doing their imagine. Not chewing the food, reduces the amount of nutrition that the body gains from it and is also the leading cause of aggravating various types of digestive disorders. A lesser known fact is that flossing, a simply habita that can be comfortably included in the daily routine, contributes majorly in maintaining dental hygiene.

As a leading Dental Clinic in Pune, the doctors at Smilex, emphasise on the importance of flossing for all of their patients. Cavities usually set in without any prominent symptoms. Chances are if you are not regular with your dental checkup, the damage may already be in progress. However, habits like flossing can help you curtail this damage and minimise the risk of cavities forming. Before we proceed further, you need to understand the importance of flossing.

Why you need it?

When you eat food, a lot of the tiny particles end up being stuck between your teeth. Sadly, this food is not removed in your daily brushing. As a result of the ignorance, the food particles settle in these crevices and give rise to nasty cavities. The only way you can remove this dirt is by flossing.

How many times should you floss?

Ideally, you need to visit your dentist regularly. Smilex dental clinic doctors advise us to follow the discretion of the dentist. Based on the analysis of your dental health, the dentist will prescribe the number of times you need to floss. For those who are prone to cavities, daily flossing (once during the day) is advisable. This also ensures that the dirt does not get accumulated.

However, if your dental health is good, flossing only two times a week should suffice. Additionally, remember that flossing alone is not helpful. You need to brush and keep your oral cavity clean to ensure good dental health.

How to floss?

You can ask your dentist to prescribe Younifloss and other similar products that are used for flossing. These are easy to use and are specifically designed to ensure that you don’t damage your gums while flossing.

Flossing is crucial said one of the doctors at Smilex. “In fact, you can also ask your dentist to show you how to floss. As a practice, we always show our patients the art of flossing on their teeth. After all, doing it wrongly can only damage the teeth,” he added.

The healthy smile

Dental health is important. The focus at leading dental clinics like Smilex is to ensure that patients are able to get access to quality dental care and are made aware of habits like flossing that go a long way in keeping their teeth healthy. To know more about the services offered at Smilex Dental clinic, please feel free to visit

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