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Various Effects of Global Warming

     The effects of global warming can really be felt today. Global warming happens when the temperature of the Earth’s surface heightens caused by deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels that result in the release of noxious gasses . This then traps heat which should have been released by Mother Earth in the first place.

There are various effects of global warming including the sea level rising due to the melting of ice and glaciers caused by the trapped heat. Extreme weather also happens where the oceans heat up causing typhoons and terrifying hurricanes, droughts and a warmer temperature. There are also agricultural changes because of the destruction of soil due to extreme weather and animal species are lost due to the loss of their natural habitat caused by regular natural calamities.

Economic effects occur due to price variations of agricultural food. This is because there is too much demand but less supply caused by the erratic temperature. There is also the spread of different types of diseases especially in Third World countries due to the high temperature that encourages bacteria to grow. Lastly, there is the shortage of drinking water as salt water contaminates fresh water due to the heightened sea level.

Global warming happened because of the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy that would turn on machines, manufacturing devices, automobiles and airplanes. The fumes coming from these destroy the ozone layer of the Earth allowing the sun’s harmful rays to come in. Many environmental organizations advocate stopping the use of fossil fuel because of their depletion and the destruction they cause to the environment. These organizations lobby to governments to fund other sources of alternative energy for environmental protection .

There are different and clean alternative energy sources which do not generate dangerous waste products. These include solar power coming from the sun’s energy. Solar panels or furnaces are made of photovoltaic cells that get the sun’s energy and turn this into electricity. Houses’ roofs can have solar panels; thus, electricity bills would be lessened.

Other sources of alternative energy include wind power. Wind turbines extract kinetic energy from the wind and then turn this into electricity. The good thing about wind turbines is that they do not emit anything. They are situated in wind farms or out at sea. The problem with this is when there is no wind to make the turbines come up with energy.

Another source of energy is hydroelectric power that is taken from vigorously moving water. A dam leads the water to the tunnels where there are turbines to move generators to make electricity.

Alternative energy can come from biofuels and biomass. Biomass is derived from the feces of living organisms and is turned into biofuels. When these biofuels are burned, energy is produced. The usual biofuels available today are biodiesel and ethanol.

If governments of different countries would not be wooed by miners and big petroleum corporations and invest in other sources of alternative energy instead, global warming can be reduced, thus protecting Mother Earth and those living in it.

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Gail Dobson is an environmentalist and gives info on saving the environment at Alternative energy sources, as well as tips to save electricity

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