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Why Your Business Must Teach

     Why your business must teach is a basic principle that great companies understand. The reasoning begins with the ideal that everything that makes a company strong should be passed on. The legacy that any company leaves to the business world should be taught to the industry that it helped create, but always shared to the next generation that will be in charge of it. This is a principle that is part of all great companies and why your business must teach.

The knowledge that a successful company has learned is a very valuable asset. By having worked on the problems that are inherent to your company trade, it has fine tuned the skills that make it profitable as a business. It has probably run into situations that it is uniquely qualified to address within the industry. As a business owner, your company and your perspective on running it efficiently are a wealth of knowledge that can be shared with others. This is something that should be shared with your future company leadership, but also would be beneficial to the members of your industry as a whole.

The experience that a successful company has achieved is a gift unto itself. Nothing is ever the same from the perspective of when it was first applied and understood. The tale of any experienced business is like dissecting the inner workings of a mechanical schematic. As the business owner, your company schematic is something that you have the experiences and knowledge that allows for an personalized point of view that only you have. Only you can give that perspective to be shared with others in your individual way, with your particular insights. This again is something that should be passed on to your future leadership, but the industry that you helped shape would be better for having those insights to reflect upon someday.

The journey that a successful company goes through is a magical thing. Only those that were part of it can understand it fully, but the journey is not unlike others that have walked similar roads themselves. The great companies and their innovative creators have much to share with the world. Some would argue that with greatness comes the obligation to give it away for the next generations to use as they see fit. Nothing is forever in the scheme of a lifetime, so if we share our legacy generously it will surely be remembered. The most important part of human existence is realizing that we are only here for a brief time. Business is business, but knowledge is something we share for the benefit of human evolution. We must teach others because of this next step, what we give away is a testament to the journey never really ending. Because the journey carries on after we are part of the past and fade into memory.

Why your business must teach is to give back what it began with. The knowledge, the experience and the journey that led to so many successful ends is a tale that needs to be told. Eventually it will be part of the legacy that extends far beyond your lifetime and the business that your vision created to leave behind. All businesses need to learn, but only can if great leaders share what they learned with others.

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